Boston mania!

Mark and I at Boston 2012, perhaps my last…

I wrote a blog post on Friday, posted it and deleted it after proof reading. It was whiny and rant-y and I try to keep it positive here. I wrote about marathon Monday and that’s what got me. Freakin’ be happy, you silly girl, I had to tell myself. It worked, I’m better, negativity gone. Onward…..

I’m fully soaking up all the Boston hysteria. I randomly turned on the car radio at 545 am this morning and Katherine Switzer was on in an interview. When else would that ever happen? I read the new Hal Higdon book 4:09:43 based off a couple recommendations. Holy heck, this is a must read if you’ve ever run Boston, or even if you on haven’t. It’s a short read, which is probably the only reason I managed to pull off reading it. I’m checking runnersworld everyday for race updates and stories. But I’m just plain mad that my cable company doesn’t carry the channel the marathon’s being broadcast on so I can’t watch it . Meh!!!!

I’m ok with not being there this year. First off, I didn’t qualify, so it just wasn’t going to happen. Second off, I’ve got to run it four times. How many people get to do a bucket list item four times? I’m lucky. If I earn my way back someday maybe it will happen again, but if it doesn’t I’m ok with that. And honestly, I’m so, so happy to be planning a girls trip run in October at the KC marathon……that’s my Boston this year.

So what will I do for marathon Monday? Well, I have the trail race next weekend, so I don’t want to be stupid and do something crazy then screw up my race, especially when my body is already a little under the weather. If I run outside, I’m just going to enjoy the fact I’m running outside. If I run inside, then I’ll watch “Spirit of the Marathon”, or something similar. Of course either way I’ll wear my Boston shirt, to be a complete dork. At least I’ll skip wearing my medal around. Last year I donated to Challenged Athlete Foundation. I like this since it not only supports the bombing victims, but other amputees, spinal cord injured, and those with congenital conditions. I think making a donation on marathon Monday is a nice little tradition to start. There may have to be a marathon Monday celebratory beer too 🙂

Finally, one last Boston story. I never bought an official Boston jacket. I regret this. This is the one souvenir all runners get despite being overpriced. Which Is why I never got one. I mentioned this to Mike and for Christmas this year he got me a Boston marathon jacket. It’s not the souvenir, official one, but at least it is a Boston marathon jacket, and a very thoughtful gift. I wear it to work in light jacket weather. A couple weeks ago I had just gotten in, and was in the break room and a coworker told me “that’s hilarious you would wear a jacket with a unicorn on it”. It’s all relative, I guess. To me a symbol of hard work and my moment of experiencing a little bit of history, to my coworker, a quirky nod to our junior high years in the 80s, and all that was missing was a Trapper Keeper. Sigh….maybe I’ll just stick with blue and yellow socks.


2 thoughts on “Boston mania!”

  1. How sweet of time to surprise you with the jacket. I would wear it everyday and be proud of it for so many good reasons.

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