May the odds be ever in your favor….The trail race games….

Despite how it looks this is not a giant pink muumuu. Just a very long tank from Costco.

Well, I survived. It was actually quite fun. Since my time is limited I will sum up this race in bullet points:
-30k on the trails in 80 degrees and 90% humidity really is almost like a marathon in effort. If you ever do something like this , be prepared to be tired.

-I was very happy to run this with a buddy, Steve. That is a long time to run alone and not see folks most of the time.

-I’ve had a cranky hamstring since January. Doesn’t hurt to run, just hurts later. Don’t ask me why I decided to freak about it this week when nothing has changed since January, but this was the week I decided I wanted the tightness gone….stat! I had a brutal massage yesterday, and am about 50% better but I had major anxiety about running this far on it all week. Still some work to do on it though. I’ve been referred to Airrosti massage and am crossing my fingers it works.

-The course was hard, but doable. A few of the rockier trails were put in, and a deep creek crossing, but most of it was quite runnable. Today I found out my $400 orthotics are water repellent. I wasn’t planning on ever needing to know that, but was forced to when I hit knee deep water.

-we ran smart. 11ish minute miles. I know that seems slow, but it seriously felt like we were moving. We were very consistent in our splits, so that tells me we we were spot on.

-Sour patch kids rule. Why have I never done these before as race fuel? They were wonderful. I had two GUs, a baggie of sour patch kids, a couple gummy bunnies, some watered down Gatorade, and a couple sips of coke.

-we decided we were actually contestants in The Hunger Games, not runners in a trail race. My hunger games name is Sagatarria Galloway. Try the name generator and see what yours is. I need a Mocking Jay pin for my next race…

-Being old is great. I did this race in 3:38 today. My first trip out to it about 10 years ago was a 2:48. Yes, I am now old and slow. But it was still enough to nab me first in the old ladies division. I was really needing a Mexican pottery lizard candle holder too. How convenient!

-a Starbucks latte is still the best post race food for me. Something about that milk chills out all the acid in my stomach from GUs and gummy candy. I know it sounds gross, but it works for me.

Despite all my anxiety and hesitation about this race I had fun. I think Steve and I ran great. I’m sore and will be taking a few days off, but this one may become a tradition once again.

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