Pink tape rules…


Yes, those are my pajamas….because just having a picture with pink tape down your leg isn’t embarrassing enough….

I’m writing from Mansfield, TX where we are for the weekend with family. It’s been a busy week as I’ve tried to do everything that I’d normally do over the weekend (fail). But the best thing about this week is I’m comfy after a week of airrosti treatment!

Around January I noticed a “tight” sensation in my left upper hamstring. Running was fine once I warmed it up . Sitting was not. Car rides, meetings etc caused sciatica like pain deep in my leg and butt. Since running was fine, I didn’t stress it, stretched, foam rolled etc, all with temporary relief. I ran the marathon, then after that, the pain started in both legs. I was still fine to run once a warmed my legs up a bit, but started getting massage every other week, and never got worse, but never got better. Last week I decided to freak out about it. It shouldn’t hurt to drive home from work. I went to my usual massage and my wonderful friend I see for massage suggested I try airrosti.

What is it?
Well you can do the googles. I thought it was something fancy and Italian, but it’s an acronym for something. My understanding is it’s just work on your fascia to break up adhesions and scar tissue. The cool thing is they take insurance, so since they take mine it was affordable. The claim is they fix a problem in 1-3 visits. My massage friend said “try it, it won’t make you worse.”

What happened:
I’ve gone twice now. First visit the doctor (it’s done by chiropractors) assessed my strength (or lack of) and range of motion. Then she went to work. She explained she was going to release this big band of fascia that ran from my heel to my butt. It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. I did bruise a little but not bad. She retested my range of motion after and I was instantly about 75% improved. Then she showed me some ways to roll it out at home with the foam roller ( much more effectively than I’d been doing) and using a lacrosse ball to work out the tight spots and a few exercises with a band. Then she taped both legs with that pink kinesio tape that you see now at every running expo. (Insert your giggles here). I went home with instructions to do my exercises twice a day, ice, and keep running ( I liked that part!)

The outcome (so far):
After one visit my right leg is 100% cured. My left is about 75% better. I have 1-2 more appts remaining. I’m completely sold. It makes sense. I’ve driven all week pain free and the nerve pain in both legs is completely gone after one treatment. Had I gone to my regular dr, I would have gotten the usual treatment: an X-ray I didn’t need and ibuprofen. The tape is only on one leg now and stays a couple days. It actually feels very good….like a compression stocking for my whole leg even though it’s just a strip of pink tape. …..I got to choose my color. I always saw people with the tape and didn’t think it did a thing and maybe it doesn’t, but it feels good. Today’s session definitely left me more sore than the first one, but the tight sensation is gone and I have drastically improved how much I can bend it.

Do I sound like an informerial?
Yeah, I do, but I am seriously impressed. Something that bothered me for months almost completely resolved in just one visit. Unfortunately, Airrosti is only done in Texas and a couple other states. It was developed here, and we are super lucky to have it. Yep, Willie Nelson, Tex-Mex and Airrosti, we’ve got it made here. I hope to not need it again, but if I ever have something flare up like this again, I won’t hesitate to go back. Oh, and every runner should have a foam roller and lacrosse ball. Now I just need to figure out how to roll around on a lacrosse ball this weekend and somehow make it appear normal…


8 thoughts on “Pink tape rules…”

  1. Clea, that is wonderful news about you healing so quickly . Hopefully this therapy will spread to other places besides Texas. To find a therapy that works so quickly and completely, is not only lucky, but quite unusual. So happy for you!

  2. Interesting. I’m training for my first marathon (the Missoula Marathon in July), and am having some nerve pain in my left outer shin, of all places (where the sciatic nerve branches off). PT and massage help. The dry needling at PT really helps, but this treatment is intriguing. Will look into it in my area. And yes– glad you’re healing/healed!

    1. First off, that is so awesome you are doing the marathon!!! My impression is that Airrosti is similar to ART therapy or Graston therapy…so look into those. I believe they all work the break up fascia that’s scarred and adhered to muscles and nerves. Please email me and fill me in on details about your training. Good luck!

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