Farewell pink tape…

Yay for warm summer weather!
Yay for warm summer weather!

I have said good-bye to my pink tape.  After 3 Airrosti sessions, I am 100% healed.  I’m still keeping up my exercises, but it feels great to have my full range of motion back.  I didn’t realize how limited I was and how much it was bothering me until it was fixed.  I’m very satisfied and recommend this to any one plagued with a running injury.  My three visits occured within a week, so it’s been a quick adjustment to go from achy hamstring for 4 months to completely functional hamstring.  I’m pretty amazed and thankful it worked!

All the focus on Operation Hamstring didn’t really allow me to develop post race blues after the trail race.  For all the anxiety and worry the race caused me, once I did it,  I was already planning on next year!  I want to train properly and aim for a better time.  In the meantime…I am in a down time phase.  I confess that I struggle with dropping my long runs down.  I like feeling like I could go out and bust out 20 miles without too much suffering.  It’s so hard to get to that point that once I’m there I don’t want to go back to rebuilding.  I think it’s the smart thing to do though.   Sometimes I look back at things I’ve done and can’t believe I actually pulled them off.  50 miler training morphing right into 100K training, going right into fall marathon training….it was one thing after another.  I loved every minute of it, and still do, but I don’t want anymore hamstring issues, and want to get to Kansas City in October ready to run and to have a great time.

So low key running makes for slightly uninteresting blogging.  Lots on the horizon though….some trip planning, home projects, and all the things that come with summer time (yay for swimming!).  Right now I am looking forward to running about a half marathon distance tomorrow and then spending some time at Walnut creek Sunday, trying to soak up the last of perfect weather before it starts getting toasty.  And, I will be doing it with happy hamstrings!

1 thought on “Farewell pink tape…”

  1. Great news about your hamstrings, and how successful the therapy was.
    Have a great Sunday at Walnut Creek and Happy Mother”s Day!

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