Treadmilling and chocolate tarts…..

I seem to have lots of photos of my angel eating junk food…..hmmm, bad mommy!

I’ve recently been exchanging emails with a friend who moved away and is doing her first marathon this summer. She and I really started chatting and hanging out right before she moved which is kinda a bummer because I suspect if she was still here we’d be running partners. I’m so impressed with her right now….single mom of two doing amazing training runs. Me with my one kid, husband, and treadmill….yeah, I’m not worthy. I started thinking this evening about how inspired I am by my mom running friends. I am always so much more inspired by regular people than professional athletes….well, except for maybe Meb…..I heart Meb. I need the inspiration though…..the weather has been beautiful, but I’ve been treadmilling… A lot. Jasper is dead set on waking up between 4:30 and 5:00. Before you say put him to bed later, he already goes to bed close to 9:00. That’s not a lot of hours for me to find time to run, unless I officially give up sleeping all together. I’ve actually considered it, but it’s probably not the best way to be productive at work. So I’m thankful for the treadmill. And Breaking Bad. And I’m worried about what I’ll do when I finish it. I need another show to totally suck me in for at least 7 miles.

I’ve been working away at my leg exercises still. Jasper has learned them all and gets the roller and therapy band on his own and will doing exercises. I guess he will have some very strong hamstrings.

Finally, have you tried Hail Merry desserts? My friend, Kitty, gave be a big package of their mini chocolate tarts. OMG, they are the best thing I’ve ever had. Then she had to go and tell me they are available at Costco. Guess where I’m going today?

Ok, the weekend is officially on the horizon now….yay!!!

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