Lasagnas, kites, and many miles….

One small victory...lasanga.  AKA leftovers for a couple nights.
One small victory…lasagna. AKA leftovers for a couple nights.

It’s all about the small victories and the little things, right?   A pretty big victory was cooking a mid week spinach lasagna, and having real food on baseball night.  Kids sports right after work ensure that lots of meals at Chipoltle are consumed.   So having real food for a couple nights was awesome!   And baseball is just wonderful.  We only have one game left and Jasper has come around nicely to listening to the coach and having fun with it.  Another victory was a successful kite flying session.  We’ve morphed into partial daycare on our mid week appointment day.  Jasp was staying home with me, and seeing as how he’s not at his best running errands, I never got a thing done, and was trying to cram things into other times that didn’t really have time…you know how it is.  The last few weeks he goes to school for a couple hours while I run around like a maniac, then I pick him up for fun time.  And yes, insert major mom guilt that I take him to school at a time when I am off work, but my failure to get anything at the grocery store except goldfish crackers and bananas had hit its limit.  This week’s fun activity was fro-yo and kite flying…and it was awesome.  The wind was just the right amount for the kite.  And, I made it to real yoga class!  Nevermind that I was super sore for two days, but I made it!

Running on the other hand was a mixed bag.  My legs are still feeling great…which is good.  But sleep was bad, I sturggled a little on the treadmill, and I think I’m just ready for the weekend and a little time outside.  There is a simple law of running physics too…you never feel like you did as much as you would like to.  At least that’s how it is for me.  So I’m looking forward to a little more quality running this weekend.  And after feeling like a major crank after this morning’s treadmill session, I managed an attitude adjustment and decided spurging on some real itunes rentals is justifiable when you spend 30 miles a week running in place.  So next week is looking much better…..

My lasagna was so good I will be hard pressed to make something this week that is equally tasty and produces food for just a many nights…we all need a challenge, don’t we?  Onward to the weekend!


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