Introducing another boring training diary :)

Ther real runner in the family...
Ther real runner in the family…

Yay, the weekend is upon us.  I decided to take Monday off and make it a 3 day weekend.  We all need those every now and then.    I’m battling a little cold, so my fingers are crossed I remain illness free all weekend. 

I’m going to try a new blogging format.  I generally don’t have much interesting running stuff to talk about since I don’t do a lot of races and trail runs anymore.  So I’m going to turn my blog into a little virtual training diary.  I’ll try it at least….it may get so boring and pitiful I’ll have to stop, but it’s my blog, so I can do what I want!  Oh, and my weeks will be Saturday-Friday.  Just because Friday at lunchtime is a good time to blog and Saturday and Sunday evenings are not.  So here goes:

Saturday:  I already mentioned this was a great run with a chunk on the treadmill, a chunk outside in the hills.  13.5 miles

Sunday:  Walnut creek heaven with friends.  6.6 miles

Monday:  Treadmill while finishing up Spirit of the Marathon II and some more Breaking Bad.  6 miles, yoga core in evening.

Tuesday:  More treadmill, more Breaking Bad.  What will I do when I finish it?  My sidekick got up at 3:30, which means I went to work having also gotten up at 3:30 and did my run ridculously early. 6 miles

Wednesday:  My little sidekick slept until 6:30.  HEAVEN.  I ran outside in the ‘hood for 7 lovely miles, and had a cup of coffee before he got up.  That night I went to yoga at the Y and was bummed it was a Silver Sneakers class (geared towards those preferring a slower, gentler pace).  Still went though since I worked hard to get out of the house.  7 miles, plus yoga for seniors.

Thursday:  Another outdoor run, after getting up with Jaspy at 2:45.  Got him to sleep again at 400, and took a nap until 430 and then got up.  Torture.  Run was slow as a result, but happy to be out.   Baseball night for Jasp means a super hectic day on little sleep and I notice my throat is very sore.   Meh.  6.2 miles  

Friday:  Feeling sick so slept in until 5:30.  Walked on the treadmill for a couple miles with my sidekick who woke up at 5:30, which is better than 2:45.  Yoga core ready in DVD player for tonight…  2 miles

And now back to work.  My  goals this weekend are get in some hills and try an a new brew pub.  Aim high, I tell ya…..



2 thoughts on “Introducing another boring training diary :)”

    1. Good to hear form you, Heather! I have not run NYC. I’ve actually only done Boston as my big city marathon. I’ve never done any of the others. I’ve always head from people that they love it though.

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