I can only hope for the persistence of a squirrel…


From the Walnut Creek trail race.  Yikes, are my legs really that big?
From the Walnut Creek trail race. Yikes, are my legs really that big?  I look like Frankenstein.

The 3 day weekend is coming to a close.  I had a few goals:  1.  Don’t run myself into the ground where I fall in bed into a heap every night.  (fail).  2.  Try a new pub.  We tried Hi Hat Public house.  While in a part of town that makes me cringe due to the hipness factor, the people were nice, the food and beer were very good.   Success!  3.  Run some hills.  I wanted to do my own little mini training camp.  Saturday I started on the treadmill, then hit the roads for 14 total.  No real hills.  Sunday I was in heaven at Walnut Creek, as it was so green after some recent rain it was like the pacific northwest.  Small hills accomplished.  Today was a semi-fail.  I was woken up waaaay to early, and I felt pretty worn down and I struggled through an easy neighborhood run.  So much for training camp.

But we kicked off our endless summer swimming.  The water is still pretty cold, but we swam Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday I wore Jasper out so good, he went to his room at 6:20 and fell asleep in the middle of dinner time.  Hence today’s 4:20 wake up.  I wore myself out pretty good too, as the 4:20 wake up hurt.  Today it rained all day, and was sorta a bummer.  I took Jaspy to the Children’s Museum, which he loves, but is always painfully overcrowded.  I came home and fell into another heap.  But I have another lasagna in the oven right now, so all is not lost.   And right now I am watching a squirrel desperately try and get into our bird feeder.  His persistence is impressive.  The image of him dangling by  one leg off the tree with the rest of his body digging at the bird feeder would make a fine inspirational running poster with some sort of famous runner’s quote about persistence, determination or something like that.

Anyhow, it’s a crazy week.  I’ve got two days with pre 4am wake ups for work plus all our usual appointments and one last baseball game.  I figured out this weekend, it’s not the work that gets me down so much Monday- Friday, as the constant hamster wheel feeling and the endless driving.  Yeah, I’m totally being a Negative Nancy here, but after three days of no grind, I don’t miss it!

Finally, I very much enjoyed this Trail Runner podcast on Friday.  I couldn’t make it through my work day without so many great running podcasts.   I don’t always love trail runner nation, but this is a good one with Ann Trason.  Enjoy!

Oh, and marathon training kick off is getting closer and closer.  CANNOT WAIT!!!


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