Weekly training log…

No pictures or anything this week. I’m too tired, it’s been a busy one!

Saturday: 6 on the treadmill with my little partner. 8 more outside solo. 14 miles

Sunday: really nice Walnut Creek run. Super green and pretty I’m really starting to enjoy my regular meet up with running buddies there. Did yoga core in the evening. I hate it but managed to get it done. 7.3 miles

Monday: took advantage of the extra day off and ran outside! Have I mentioned I’ve started doing strides at the end of runs? It’s working. I’m getting a teeny bit quicker. 7 miles

Tuesday: I realized I have Starz for my iPad. I didn’t even know we had the channel, just found out. The Armstrong Lie is on it, and I’ve been dying to see it. So guess what I watched on my treadmill run? Went to yoga that night. Pretty good class. 6 miles.

Wednesday: more treadmill, but I didn’t mind because I wanted to finish The Armstrong Lie. Pretty good documentary. 7 miles and the whole room ends up smelling sweaty. Ick. Huge breakthrough: our completely bare windows finally got shades. After more than a year of the neighbors having no choice but to watch me on the treadmill, we now have something on our windows! Yoga core in the evening. 7 miles

Thursday: I had to leave for work about 5am. So I got up at 3am to run…..went outside to prevent waking anyone up. I couldn’t decide if 3am is still considered night. I’m tired. We also had baseball tonight. It was a long day. 6.2 miles

Friday: I have to leave for work about 5:30, so I might walk a little to help me wake up, but it may just have to be a true off day.

Looking forward to the weekend…..


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