An unfortunate blob of concrete…

We had shirts made for our “training”. They are based on a silly inside joke, but aren’t they lovely? Still smiling….sorta.

I’ve been on a high. After 4 months of achy hamstrings, I’ve been feeling great. I had wonderful weekend runs, and we’ve been in full summertime swimming mode. Jaspy has been given some serious incentive to stay in bed until 6am and so far it’s working. No more running buddy at 4am. Life is good.

Monday I was doing an easy recovery run as is the norm for me on Mondays. Just a couple miles in, I suddenly found myself air born. When I touched down, I somehow stumbled a few feet and barely touch the ground, avoiding a ton of a road rash, but I felt searing pain up the backs of my legs, the right leg much worse. I had tripped over a big blob of concrete, went flying, and landed awkwardly, straining my right leg and tweaking the left. Ahhhhh!!!!!! I immediately knew there was no way I was running home and even walking was going to be a challenge. What really irked me was the exact two hamstrings I had just spent all the effort on were completely messed up. I limped home a couple miles fighting tears. Now don’t get me wrong. I have perspective here…I work in a trauma center for Pete’s sake. I know I didn’t break several bones, or get terminal cancer, or have some terrible medical problem. But, I knew right away I had at least messed my right leg up pretty good, and I panicked. Would this mean weeks of not being able to even walk like the time I threw my back out?

I got home and freaked out…..and got right on a ice pack and foam roller. I decided to make a chiropractor appointment right away and Mike talked me off the cliff and said at least give it 24 hours. I spent the day working with an ice pack under my leg and limping around the hospital…..and in a foul mood.

The next morning was better….no limping. When I saw the chiropractor for the first set of hamstring woes, she pushed keeping active to keep blood flow to the injured area and to prevent scar tissue from stiffening. So I went with that theory and did a “run” / walk. Really it was shuffle a few steps, and walk a lot. Felt better than the day before but not good. I believe I called the chiropractor and made an appointment the minute 24 hours post fall hit.

This morning was more of the same…run/ walk, but maybe a little better. I still felt like I was just dragging my right leg along, and was counting the minutes until the chiropractor appointment.

So. Glad. I. Went. She said this is basically a whole new injury from the fall. She did some muscle strength tests and I actually saw the hurt, little, teeny muscles in my right leg quivering. No wonder it’s so painful to do anything. She worked away, taped me up and gave me some new exercises. I have a ways to go on this, but I don’t think it will be 6 weeks of 24/7 limping like when I threw my back out. I feel better knowing there is a plan of attack, and Monday morning is far enough away I see some bright side.

– I suppose this is a good time for this to happen. If I was a week out from a marathon, I’d be hysterical.

– I was air born enough that I am lucky I didn’t do worse than a muscle strain. Don’t knock strains though, they can take weeks to heal, make nasty scar tissue, and hurt like heck, but a broken hip would have really sucked.

– while this will set me back for a couple weeks, at least I can do something.

I will never run on the side of the street with the concrete blob again. Just like I avoid plank bridges after a raised plank sent me flying on a run years ago, and don’t even get me started on uneven seams in a concrete side walk. Those are my version of the Game of Thrones moon door. “I want to see the silly lady fly.”

Well I got some therapy band exercises calling my name and a very early wake up call and some concrete to avoid…..

1 thought on “An unfortunate blob of concrete…”

  1. So sorry you hurt yourself. but what a great health care professional you have to nurse your injury back to normal.

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