This week in running…

Saturday:  Absolutely heavenly run.  Did a route I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, all the way down Spicewood Springs and back.  6 on the treadmill, then down a canyon into the end of Spicewood.  6 bunnies and a porcupine spotted!  Super hilly and tough.  One mile cool down with Pancake.  14 miles

Sunday:  Run with friends downtown.  Could almost keep up, but not quite, but still tons of fun.  8 miles.  Yoga core at night.

Monday:  Maybe 3 miles before falling.

Tuesday:  Does run/ walk with mostly walking count as a run?  Sure…  6 miles  yoga core at night.

Wednesday:  SLOW, 11-12 minute mile run.  6 miles

Thursday:  Same route as last two days.  Still over 1o minute miles working out all the kinks.  Had to hit the road at 4:30am to get this one in….6 miles.  Yoga for Runners at night.  Too sore to go to a “real” yoga class this week.

Friday:  Same neighborhood route.  Today was the first day I got out of bed without it hurting, so I think it’s all progress from here!

Happy I can still move around even if it’s at a reduced pace.    I won’t be running very long this weekend and I’m hoping after another week of rehabbing the legs should be back to normal.  Highlight of the running week:  seeing a porcupine up close.   Low point of the running:  I think I already covered that one….

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