Feeling bonky and drinking milkshakes…

Marathon training had quite a kick off this morning.  It had to be the most humid day of the year so far.  I had hill repeats scheduled.  They went well and I think I am 99% back from falling a couple weeks ago (yay!), but by the end I was downright bonky.   A combo of tired legs, low carb dinner the night before and 98% humidity…all why doing my hills.  Who wouldn’t feel bonky?    It felt good to check off the first workout, but a little scary that it kicked my butt so hard.

And speaking of bonky…Jasper had his first bonk on Saturday.  We started the day with his basketball practice and game, then ran errands and a quick lunch, then his swim lesson, then two and a half hours at the pool with him never stopping movement once.  Finally he got out of the pool, climbed onto his towel and started crying. “I have to go potty and I’m hungry and swimming made me sick!!”  Yes, a classic bonk :  extreme hunger…check…sudden moodiness….check….suddenly feeling like you can’t continue…check.  All these quickly remedied with a squeezy apple sauce and pita chips.   Note to self:  force excessive snacks next weekend.

Sunday was a little more mellow with a trip to see How to Train your Dragon 2.  I LOVED the first one, and this one was just as good.  The anamation was even better.  I love that there are so many kids movies out in the summer for us all to see, and so many of them are so good.  Oh, and a tip for all the Austinites out there, the Alamo will let anyone order off the kid’s menu and the kid’s chocolate chip cookie milkshake is just the right amount of a treat.  It’s not so sinfully giant as the adult shakes are and how can you go wrong with chocolate chip cookies?  I’m eating lunch right now….I could really go for one, but we will have to wait for the next kid’s movie.  Also, I could really go for one for my next run if this humidity keeps up.   A sure fire way to prevent bonking.




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