A pretty good first week…

My 14 year old baby...
My 14 year old baby…

The first week of “official” marathon training was actually quite good!   I got in most of what I wanted to, and the only reminder that two weeks ago all I could do is limp, is one little sore spot on my left hamstring, which is only aggravated by yoga and sitting.  Running feels fine…finally!

Saturday:  My aforementioned 13 miles.  Although very slow, it felt great to check it off.

Sunday:  Jaspy and I let Mike sleep in and I did 7 miles on the treadmill while Jasp watch roller coaster videos on you tube.   Yoga core at night.

Monday:  Hills.  I’m aiming for one day a week of hills.  Granted I picked the wimpiest hill I do to start, but at least I did it.  A mile warm up, 4 one mile loops with my hill, and a mile cool down. 6 miles.

Tuesday:  Met a new running buddy!  I ran into someone I knew from pacing in my neighborhood while I was walking Cake a few weeks ago.  We couldn’t run together until I was healed up from falling, but finally got together.  She’s faster than me, but it was nice to push a little harder, and getting out the door early is soooo much easier when I am meeting someone.  Hopefully we can continue meeting up.  7 miles, 15 minute yoga short video in the evening.

Wednesday:  Woke up feeling like I was run over by a truck and struggled through my run, cutting it short.  Felt terrible all morning.  Mid afternoon, I thought maybe an extra snack might help.  After eating a pretty good sized snack  I was 100% recovered and felt fine.  Very strange.  Trust me, you would never look at my food intake and think I need to eat more, but I guess for one day I did.  I will keep this in mind though on days where I feel run down.   It was a good thing too….swimming with Jaspy in the afternoon.   Maybe from now on extra snacks are the answer and not more coffee.  6.5 miles

Thursday:  I had to be at work super early, so I did a treadmill run at 4:15 am, which meant a 3:50 wake up.   I am super dorky and always try to make my treadmill runs a 10K.   I am on the very tail end of Breaking Bad and sad about it.  I may have to rewatch this season of Game of Thrones that just ended as my next treadmill show.  It was soooo good.   6.2 miles.  Swimming with Jasp after work, and real yoga class in the evening.  Finished watching Fargo, then collapsed into bed.

Friday:  I always do a short walk on off days just to wake up a bit.  I suppose if I could sleep in I wouldn’t do it, but I feel groggy all day if I roll out of bed, go right to the shower then out the door.   Usually I feel pretty awake and alert until after lunch time when I treat myself to a latte if I am at work….and I am right now, and a latte will be happening within the next hour.

I’m looking forward to hopefully running a little quicker on my long run this weekend, and mapping out a nice, hilly route.  I also am excited I get to immediately dip my legs in the pool, as we have free reign of our next door neighbor’s pool for the weekend.  Jasp is in heaven with his own, private pool, and I am looking forward to sipping an IPA poolside on Saturday night!


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