This week…

This week went pretty well for KC training.  While our summer is quite mild by Texas standards, the humidity is crazy high…like 90% + in the early mornings.  While I’ve adapted and can deal with it, I am definitely slower.  I pretty much type this every summer….so no surprises.  Ok, here goes:

Saturday:  This run was great!  I did a very mentally challenging runs of loops in my neighborhood with a midway stop for water refill in front of my house.  I dashed in for the bathroom and nothing like smelling fresh coffee brewing when I had at least 6 more miles to go.  But I made it back out for 13.2, and kept my head in the game the whole time.  A victory.

Sunday:  I met my friend Meghan for 7 miles in her neighborhood which is hilly.  We ran pretty easy, but I’m counting it as a hill run.

Monday:  I don’t even remember what I did, so  it must have been pretty standard.  Probably 6 easy miles.

Tuesday:  I am super proud of myself for this one.  7 miles, 91% humidity and hill repeats of big, giant hills.  Fireoak Dr. if anyone knows the area.  I hate running over to the hilly area in the dark, because it is just pitch black for awhile, but I sucked it up and did it.  Full yoga class that night where I still feel my hamstring strain, but every week it’s a little better.

Wednesday:  I was super sore…more so from yoga!  Man, I am such a wimp.  6.5 miles easy in the neighborhood.

Thursday:  Treadmill progression run.  I do the first mile at 10/ min pace…which feels faster on the treadmill and cut the time down each mile.  My plan was 7 miles but I had a couple mishaps with my ipad falling off and knocking out the safety key…which resets everything.  I also try to look at the mileage as little as possible, so I don’t mentally implode and just change my pace every 10 minutes.  So I really have no idea the total mileage.   I’m calling it 6.5.

Friday:  My usual morning walk, or yoga or short bike spin.  Gearing up for the weekend. 

I have running partners Saturday and Sunday!  This is unheard of.  A long run with a partner the whole way.  I don’t remember the last time that happened….seriously.  My goal in the next couple weeks is to really start getting those long runs up and start getting an 8 miler during the week.   This is all quite challenging, but I am still in the early, highly motivated stages of marathon training.  There are some challenges coming up with being out of town and I will have to do a long run on the treadmill pretty soon…but bring it, I am so excited for KC!

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