Holiday running and more…

Fuel on yesterday’s run…

I’ve had some good runs as of late. Last weekend I mapped out a hilly, pretty 14 mile loop starting and finishing at my house. It’s my new favorite run. It’s challenging, goes by plenty of parks for water and bathrooms, and in can add on little bits to make it longer. I did it again this weekend and made it 15. During the week I did a couple challenging runs with my new buddy, and I did a yoga class the night before my long run. Basically I made it a really tough week and I can tell I’m starting to get back into shape, ever so slowly. That’s one thing I love about marathon training. One week I can do things that two weeks ago seemed impossible. It was a binge training week with no off day. Stephanie was in town, and it was fun to check out the new boardwalk downtown with friends. Today was a slow run solo knowing tomorrow is an off day and my legs get a break.

Meeting friends at town lake was strange. It was a reminder those days where we ran through the hilly neighborhoods or did multiple trail loops followed by giant breakfasts at Magnolia cafe are gone. I rarely have time to make it town lake anymore, and I certainly don’t have time for breakfast. I also don’t eat giant breakfasts anymore because I am old and if I order eggs and queso I might as well just apply it directly to my thighs. It’s not that things are worse or better now…just different. I miss those days, but sometimes I love a solo long run through my hood finishing up at my doorstep and having my green smoothie while I stretch. Still memories are a nice thing.

It’s a cut back week since Jasper and I will be out of town. We are going to my parents’ in Washington. I’m curious if the mild weather will make running feel easier, because the humidity has been brutal this summer. Pine trees will be nice too.

Oh and Jasper is once again the real endurance athlete. 4 hours of swimming on the 4th. He hit his sudden out burst of “I can’t swim anymore!” At the four hour mark. It was impressive. Oh, and we’re a obsessed with snow cones. We have a trailer at Jasper’s school and one by our house. I’m getting to the point of needing at least one snow cone a day….

Snow cone eating….cotton candy for Jasp, Keep Austin weird for me (lots of tropical flavors plus whipped cream. Heaven.


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