Fever boy returns and running through the pines…

When you spend your vacation in urgent care you get an orca…

Jaspy and I just got back from our trip to Washington to my parents’ house. We were about an hour away from Seattle on Whibdey island. 6 months ago I wouldn’t take him solo on a long flight, but he’s been doing pretty good so we gave it a go. He did about as good as I could have expected….there were still challenges but I never felt like he was out of control. BUT, he woke up feeling bad the day we left and started running fever on the airplane. He was roasting by the time we got there and said “my cheek hurts ” but pointed to his ear. I knew there was no way we could wait that out until we got home on another long flight, so off to urgent care it was…for pretty much a whole day. But otherwise we had a lot of fun. Can’t argue with cool temps, pine trees and beach in the midst of a Texas summer.

Running was heavenly. I didn’t take any pictures, because but here’s an interwebs picture of part of a route I did:

Photo from Langley half marathon website

Lots of pines, ocean views, and some roads so heavily forested it was like running in a green tunnel. Lots of hills. This is my favorite kind of running. All the beauty of a trail, but the smooth, worry free footing of a road. I did a 6, 8, and 7 miler, which was pretty decent mileage for a vacation. I also ate lots of good food, so the miles were appreciated!

Today is slowly about getting back to routine and re-adjusting to running in ing high humidity….although today wasn’t too bad. Fever boy is much better and slowly getting back to his routines. I’ve got some work in the running dept over the next week… this marathon is really approaching quick and it’s time to up the ante. So until my next pine tree fix…..Texas summer running it is!

4 thoughts on “Fever boy returns and running through the pines…”

  1. I’m jealous! We were in Oregon in June and you just can’t beat the scent of pine trees and the cool weather. Glad Jasper is feeling better!

  2. Jasper was darling the entire time, he even tired to be good when he felt so rotten .
    We hope you both come back soon, as we enjoyed your visit very much. It was great knowing that you liked running here so much!

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