Trying to keep up the marathon prep…


I’d do a training update, but it’s just not that interesting. I’ve been consistently running hills once a week with my new neighborhood buddy. The rest of the week is pretty mellow. The weekend has it’s long run, and I’ve been really working hard on working in the “other stuff”. I only make it to yoga class once a week, but all week I try for about 20 minutes an evening of something…yoga, core, lunges etc. I’m doing push ups everyday. I still do my hamstring chiropractor stuff every couple of days. All this is the hardest part for me. It does chip away at my time in the evenings to relax, but if you want to run marathons when you are old, you have to do something to prevent them from breaking you.

This weekend it was just me and Jasper, so I plotted a down week for mileage. I did two 10 mile runs on the treadmill and am calling it a good effort. I am well aware there are those who will bust out a 20 miler once their kids are asleep and finish a run at midnight, but I don’t have the mental fortitude for such things. 3:30 am runs before work, yes, midnight runs, no. The really neat thing that happened this weekend was Jasper did the child care at the Y. I’ve never really done it since he’s already in child care 40 hours a week. But we walked by the child care area on our way to flag football ( extreme cuteness BTW) and he said he wanted to go. So today I found a core class and dropped him off at child watch. The class was amazing and I will definitely add it to my rotation and Jasper said he loved child watch! I think because it’s just a lot of toys and art supplies, not like his school where’s there’s a schedule, he really enjoyed it. It’s a perfect way to sneak in a short class and actually use they gym. In all our time there I’ve only done yoga and swam in the kids pool. I could also sneak in about 6 treadmill miles if I needed to long run (run on my home treadmill early morning until Jaspy wakes up and then later do a second run at the Y). Anyhow, this is very exciting to me since Jasper and I are solo a lot. We followed child watch time with a couple hours at the pool and then fro yo. So, a good day.

Yesterday we did kid sports all morning and into the early afternoon, and then went and saw the new Planes movie in the late afternoon. It was really cute and I loved the nod to the National Parks. I also loved that it’s a relaxing, not hot and outside activity. This weekend has been heavily slanted toward activities that completely wear me out…..

As much as I think we did pretty good all weekend, I am looking forward to running outside this week though. I’m also wondering how sore that core class is going to make me tomorrow….

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