The weekend of a 57 year old…

Forgive all my food pictures, I must have been hungry this weekend, but come on, homemade pizza!!
Forgive all my food pictures, I must have been hungry this weekend, but come on, homemade pizza!!

I am digging my new running schedule.  I went so long stressing out every Saturday run, trying to make it to Jasper’s activities on time, and now on Sunday, I just try to finish by a time that is considerate to my family…but it’s so much less stressful!  Plus, taking Monday as an off running day is serving me well.  I am always tired and sore Monday, so it just makes sense. 

This weekend was how I define a good long run.  Company…yes, Steve joined me (thanks!), challenging…yes, we had some REALLY good hills, everything cool on the homefront…yes, this part is critical.  I so much appreciate my family excusing me for a couple of hours, (or 3 since I’m slow).  We did what is officially my favorite route through north Austin, which includes plenty of water stops, and always some wildlife sightings.  Next, taking advantage of Jasper’s still present declaration of love for the Y’s childcare, Mike and I went to another core class.  I would not normally do that after a hard long run, but you don’t always get to pick when you have free time, and you go when you can go.  I had to take a short nap or I may have died before taking Jaspy swimming.  He’s such a good swimmer now that I really don’t have to do much.  It really just means a lot of time in the sun which can be tiring after a long run, but then homemade pizza afterwards refueled me well!

These are the kind of run weekends I am thankful for.  I’ll take what I can get, and if the treadmill is what works, so be it, but a nice morning outside, followed by a nice day (and good food), is what makes me love marathon training.

Of course today I am sore, sore, sore.  The core class didn’t seem as intense as last weekend’s but perhaps I underestimated how much I’d feel it today.  And my legs felt it enough last night that I slept in compression socks…yes, I am a pitiful.  Speaking of, Jasper got a Wii Fit game this weekend after earning good behavior stickers in multiple categories (Wii Fit is not cheap….he had to pool together A LOT of good behavior stickers).  I created my profile and based on my BMI and balance score, it said my fitness level equates me to an age of 57 years old.  Yes, after my high of running 18 miles and doing 30 minutes of various plank exercises, a video game managed to put me back in my place.  I’m old, but not quite 57.  I’m hoping to knock a couple of years off  by the end of this marathon training cycle….or at least manage not to add even more years….

5 thoughts on “The weekend of a 57 year old…”

  1. You are going to have to give me pizza making lessons. Bill and I got each other an outdoor pizza oven for our anniversary. We’ve been having a lot of fun with it, but I still haven’t perfected the thin crust. My crusts don’t like to roll out — they persistently snap back. I’ve tried a couple of different methods, but still not quite as thin as we would like. Yours looks amazing!

    1. I can’t take full credit for the crust. We got a Trader Joe’s here since you moved, and I find they make a raw dough you can buy that is superior to what I make. But one tip is handle it as little as possible to prevent springing back. I LOVE pizza as a post race/ long run treat….if you have a good place there we may just have to do that.

      1. Oh, we definitely have a few good pizza places around. My favorite is probably Waldo Pizza (you can Google it). You may have to negotiate with Steve though. I think he suggested post-race BBQ. But heck, we are running a marathon! Maybe it will have to be BBQ for post-marathon lunch and pizza for post-marathon dinner :-).

        We have a Trader Joe’s just down the street from my house! Thanks for the tip. I’m already looking forward to our next pizza oven attempt!

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