Feeling fuzzy…

After spending the last 2+ months saying, “It’s not that bad out”, but it got real over the last couple weeks.  We finally hit a super hot long run this weekend.   multiple days in a row of 100 degrees means it just doesn’t cool off that much overnight.  I hyped it up in my head all week, since I’d come home overheated from just a short, weekday runs.  I guess I hyped it up so much in my head, it ended up being not that bad.  It was hot, but I felt no worse than I have on any of the other long runs I’ve done lately.  By evening I had a touch of fuzzy headedness….I always attribute to mild dehydration.  I just don’t think it’s possible to completely replace all that gets sweated out when it’s this warm out.  We skipped core class at the gym and instead I took Jasp to a new bounce house and did my own core class at home…which I must have done a good job because I am sore today.  Jasp spent the entire weekend on the move with flag football, swimming, trampoline park and a bounce house visit.   I think I absorbed some of his tiredness afterwards or something, because this morning I had the “I just don’t feel like I can wake up” sensation, and it was actually a welcomed off day.   But the really cool thing is I can tell I’ve been running hills.  They felt easier.  Dare I say training works?  This coming weekend is the first 20 miler of this marathon training cycle, so it’s really starting to come together. 

Not a whole lot to add…it’s been a busy couple weeks, feeling pretty stacked with all the stuff we put on our plates.   But sometimes that’s just how life is….schedule it, and get it done.

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