Like a wet blanket…


A humid Texas morning is often described as feeling like you’re out in the heat with a big, wet blanket draped over you. Definitely the case today….it was brutal. But I knew it would be. We are in the dog days. So I tried to psych myself up all week that it would just be hard. It was. At 5:30 am it was 82 already. The run was pretty much brutal from mile 10 on….and I did 20. I was happy to have buddies for this one. But, on the home front, the morning had been plotted out for me to run, I really felt fine, just hot, so I had to suck it up. I’m glad to check the 20 miler box, but I’m hoping the next one isn’t quite so hard. I honestly think 20 on the treadmill may have been easier than this. And note to self….if I drive to a 20 miler, pack a snack for the ride home. I was scavenging the glove box for a half eaten jolly rancher or something…..anything. I don’t think I’ve ever been so hungry.

Now I’m at a bounce house sipping Nuun and wearing compression socks. I look ridiculous, but I don’t think the 4-7 year olds around me care. The adults around may question my outfit, but I don’t think explaining ” I have on funny socks because I ran 20 miles in the heat that you are currently inside escaping.”, would do much for justifying my fashion choice. Luckily at the bounce house Jasper has no trouble playing with other kids and going all out so I just sit on the sidelines and ignore the urge to lay down on the couches set out for parents.

But it’s done! Always a big victory to knock out 20 milers in marathon training cycles. Even if it was done under a wet blanket the entire time.

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