This is a very old picture. Probably about 13 years old. Scary. But it remains one of my favorite runs ever. It was on a path in Montana that was a perfect 6 miles long along a rushing river. What made it so perfect? Great weather, a very runnable path, some hills, and beautiful scenery. This is my favorite kind of run. I never loved trail runs for rough rocky trails. I much prefer something runnable with pretty views, but still with some challenges. Some of my top runs meeting this criteria have been the Estes Park marathon, the St George marathon, my running last month in Langley, WA.

One of my few running pictures…

I bring all this up because I have been doing a great long run route from my house that fits my criteria. Now it’s obviously not in the mountains, but I get views of Balcones Canyonlands, there are some very challenging hills, and I usually see deer. There are definitely plenty of reminders of the suburbs, but overall it’s a run that recharges the soul after a week’s worth of sitting in traffic and the general rat race that happens most weekdays.

Side note: Have I mentioned we are going to Florida in a couple weeks? We are doing a big family trip for my brother in laws birthday near Destin. My fingers are crossed that I find a route meeting my criteria, and that we are not up against a major highway or that I’m limited to running up and down a touristy strip of neon tshirt shops and piped in Jimmy Buffet songs. Give me some pine trees and white sand please!

Anyhow, a good running route is a precious thing. A good running route close to home is as good as gold…..or at least as good as dark chocolate.

Ok, time for a little core work since I have a fondness for dark chocolate…..

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