Winner, winner,veggie burger dinner!

The winning pose

It’s been a busy week. It was just me and Jasper and while we’ve grown to be fine when it’s just us, this week I really felt the pinch of having to be all over town. I felt like I was racing the clock everyday from the minute I got up until I went to bed. It’s just really hard to drive around Austin now. Running an errand at rush hour is no small feat. We also added Thursday soccer practice which was challenging to get to at rush hour but we made it. Kids weekday sports= a sandwich for dinner in the car. But well worth it. Jasper is a natural at swimming, but we want him to do a team sport too. He seems to be taking to soccer really well.

I ran on the treadmill all week and did yoga in the evenings. I really don’t mind at all. I managed hills, and a speed day. It makes for really sweaty running and I missed out on our first blast of fall weather, but we walked Pancake in the evenings and I got to enjoy it then. Wednesday I did an unplanned hike with Pancake. Jasper asked to go to school after OT and that gave me a 4 hour window to run some errands and go to yoga. I needed it. However, the street to the Y was closed for a funeral procession. There was no way I was going to make it to my old lady yoga. I ran home, grabbed Cake and hit a trail by our house for a couple miles.
Heaven. We both loved hearing the creek flow and I found a geode for Jasper.

Remember last weekend we did a kids run? Well, I have finally learned the way to do a kids run is don’t try and run myself that worked great. This was a super hero themed run, and a fundraiser for a organization providing advocacy for abused kids, so well worth a donation. There was also a costume contest. It was a pretty big event. Jasper did really well. He asked to run alone and got lost, so we won’t be doing that again. Obviously I found him, but it was a little stressful. Anyhow, I got an email at work this week with the results from the race. I was shocked to find out Jasper won for best invented Superhero!!! I don’t think it was his costume, we threw that together the morning of the run. I think it was his presentation as he had an awesome pose. So one night after work we braved traffic to pick up his award. A Terra Toys gift certificate and an Amy’s ice cream gift certificate, plus a little goodie bag. So cool!!! Then we had to brave traffic another night to go spend his gift certificate, and I got a veggie burger at Hop Doddy’s next door to the toy store…..soooooooo yummy.

Today is an off running day. My stomach is unhappy ( when will I learn that I cannot eat pesto) and I get to run outside this week, so I decided to give the treadmill a rest. Tomorrow is 21-22 miles. Last big run for KC. I cannot believe it’s almost here. I am beyond excited.

Tidbits from the week: The new Clif kids bar Monster bar for Halloween is amazing. Chocolate mint. Beyond yummy. I watched a documentary about Divine while I ran one morning. Probably not a ton of runners who watch documentaries about an over weight drag queen. I count John Waters amongst the coolest people alive and watching it made my day (if the Hairspray play ever comes to Austin, I am there). I also watched a documentary about the John Muir trail. Hello, bucket list. Wow, it sure looks amazing. Halloween decorations are very hard to resist at Target, especially when you end up there every other day to pick up something, and the bad news of the week is Jaspy did 4:30-5:00 am wake ups all week. I want my solo morning time back.

Ok, more coffee, then off to a soccer game. And lots of Tums to consume today to get by belly into 20 miler mode for tomorrow.


No rest for the weary…

“I’m very cute despite requiring constant activities.”

It’s 5:20 and I’m sitting here waiting on coffee brewing, not getting ready to go run. Gasp! I’m taking Jasper to a kids run today, and rather than get up and run at 4am, I scheduled in an off day. I actually wanted to take it. Yesterday was tough. I over scheduled massive amounts of activities and failed to ever get the chance to eat a real meal. And I fell into a massive heap at 9pm, completely spent. It was all my doing and part of the reason it was so hectic was I ran 20 miles. I’m the one who prioritized both kid sports and my own running, so I have no right to complain about the chaos the two create when they meet. However, I reserve full rights to bitch about another brutally humid run. I was good for 14 miles, but the last 6 were overwhelmingly hard. And the humidity was so high I was uber- soaked two miles in and a pair of freakin’ biking style shorts caused massive chafing. WTF? I am running out of short options here. The waistband, the legs, uggg. Sport bra chafing is a given, and I’ve accepted there’s nothing I can do about that. Shorts and sports bra combined rubbing off a good amount of skin made for a painful shower. Next weekend has got to be better….
The kids run should be interesting. Jaspy did a couple when he was about 2, but showed no interest in doing more and they are not cheap, so I quit signing him up and quit offering them. He found a shirt from one of them he’s never really worn, and begged to run again. The race he’s doing today is a true kids race, 1K, with lots of post race activities, so we’ll see how it goes. We currently have soccer and swimming, so I’m not sure we need another activity, but we could probably work in an occasional kids run. By the way, we got 4 year old sized soccer socks and shin guards, and they are about the he cutest thing ever.

It’s all about the treadmill this week and trying to get in yoga at home. Last week was a yoga fail due to Jasper getting a massive asthma type reaction that meant two missed days of school, two trips to the doctor, and two nights of terrible sleep. Yoga is funny….when I haven’t done it in awhile I just crave it. My body feels like it really needs to be stretched out, but then again maybe it’s because I ended up sleeping on a loveseat one night this week and pretty much slept folded in half….when someone insisted on sleeping on the other one after not breathing all night. Sigh…….

Ok…time to get ready for the kids run. Wish me luck.


Beaching and running don’t mix….


This is not a post about lovely beaches, and days spent by the pool. We just got back from a family trip to Florida with lots of other family members for my brother in law’s 50th birthday. This is a running blog, and other topics and interests must satellite around running, so there you have it. Just so no one thinks ” you went to Florida and all you can talk about is running?

Briefly though…. the beaches are pretty spectacular. I am not a beach person….I get bored laying out and I currently don’t own , nor have ever owned a bikini. Shudder….. But even I, as a non beach person, was impressed with the beach and loved how warm and clear the water was. Why can’t the Texas gulf be so pretty?

The running in Florida? Ack!!! I have not had good luck with running in Florida. I always seem to be by a busy major road when I go there, as was the case again this time. I did find a little paved path just off the main road though and ran on that.

Now any marathoner will tell you vacation during peak mileage makes one’s brain spin. Peak mileage means things are pretty regimented and life revolves around the long run, trying to eat healthy, getting enough rest, and stretching/ yoga/ whatever you do to stay injury free. All of this can be curtailed by any little curve ball and vacation is a big curve ball. I tried to be rational realizing that being too much of a marathoner would make my vacation miserable. I took a down week. I knew ice cream would happen and plenty of alcohol. I knew pulling a foam roller out of my suitcase and rolling around on the floor is not the way to make inlaws pleased you are part of the  family. The foam roller stayed home, and I didn’t resort to a 3am run to make it 20 miles….and then try and convince family members that it’s a reasonable thing to do.

The running was brutal! Floridians……I concede. You have it tougher than we do in Texas. We are hotter, but your off the charts humidity and full sun by 6:15 makes your running tougher. And please don’t design anymore running/ bike paths without water fountains and bathrooms. Full sun plus screwed up stomach on account of eating that ice cream does not make for a pretty long run. I made it 13. That was my goal. I ran to a beautiful state park and back. They whole way was really exposed and hot and I finished at Starbucks. Yay me. Vacations make me feel like I need $5 coffee.

Tomorrow is a recharge on the training. I’m giving myself one last night of doing nothing. Why does sitting on an airplane all day wear you out so much?

Ok….my bloggy time is up. Got some seaweed to rinse of of my frumpy swimsuit…..then some sleep catch up to do.


The green band, shopping, and garmin woes…


Note the green band….it’s value? Priceless.

Let’s get it out of the way that this weekend was another 20 miler. It went well. I’m never fast, but the best part was I felt fine the rest of the day. No headaches or feeling hung over. I’m pretty sore from yoga, and some at home strength stuff, but I am feeling both of these helping me through long runs. Hallelujah…..training works.

We swam A LOT this weekend. Our pool requires passing a swim test to swim without a parent and to go down the super awesome water slide. I thought Jasper could pass the test back in June, but he seemed scared to take it. I offered it every single time we went to the pool, and he always said “no thank you”….I didn’t want to force it. This weekend his answer was “maybe I’ll try it”. Well, short version is he rocked it and became one of the few 4 year olds to get a green ” I can swim on my own and do the giant water slide” armband. Now I still think a 4 year old needs an adult’s eyeballs on them at all times. But I can sit poolside and do that as opposed to always being in the water at an arm’s length. It’s very nice for me, and Jasper’s confidence in his swimming has skyrocketed. I am super proud of him!!!

We also did some shopping. I’ve wanted a puffy jacket for about 3 years, but couldn’t pull the trigger on the famous puffy jacket brand’s $300 price tag. REI had a very nice one of a different brand on sale for much less, so I now own my puffy jacket!!! I hoping I can al least wear it to the KC marathon, as there will be no need for it in Austin for at least 4 months. Jasper cashed in is his good behavior stickers for a Halloween costume at Costco. They actually seemed to be going quick and they are about half the price of other costumes I’ve seen, so I agreed to getting a Halloween costume 2 months early. I’m digging his choice….I just hope it sticks until Halloween.

Finally another Garmin bit the dust for me. I’ve yet to have one of these little boogers last more than about 13-14 months. My battery life is only about 3 hours now, and when you are old and slow like I am, a long run/ marathon takes longer than 3 hours. A little plug here….I did some research online and discovered the excellent DCRainmaker site. This is the site to go to for endurance sport related electronics reviews. It actually steered me away from Garmin for the first time. I use very few functions on a GPS watch, so I’ve ordered a much cheaper Timex. We’ll see how I like it, but the price is right ($76). Hopefully this battery can last through a long run or I need to run faster. Mike also asked me ” do you really need to know the pace of all your runs? These garmin watches would last a lot longer if you I didn’t use them almost everyday.” Yes, I remember a time when every run was based on a rough estimate of what I ran per mile divided into the total time I spent running. Anyone else remember a time when a run ended at a logical stopping point and not, “oh let’s run up and down this path until the run comes out to 10 miles since it’s really only 9.7 miles.” Yes, runners are rational people. I may have to start doing those runs where I don’t know how fast I am running, or in my case, how slow. 🙂