The green band, shopping, and garmin woes…


Note the green band….it’s value? Priceless.

Let’s get it out of the way that this weekend was another 20 miler. It went well. I’m never fast, but the best part was I felt fine the rest of the day. No headaches or feeling hung over. I’m pretty sore from yoga, and some at home strength stuff, but I am feeling both of these helping me through long runs. Hallelujah…..training works.

We swam A LOT this weekend. Our pool requires passing a swim test to swim without a parent and to go down the super awesome water slide. I thought Jasper could pass the test back in June, but he seemed scared to take it. I offered it every single time we went to the pool, and he always said “no thank you”….I didn’t want to force it. This weekend his answer was “maybe I’ll try it”. Well, short version is he rocked it and became one of the few 4 year olds to get a green ” I can swim on my own and do the giant water slide” armband. Now I still think a 4 year old needs an adult’s eyeballs on them at all times. But I can sit poolside and do that as opposed to always being in the water at an arm’s length. It’s very nice for me, and Jasper’s confidence in his swimming has skyrocketed. I am super proud of him!!!

We also did some shopping. I’ve wanted a puffy jacket for about 3 years, but couldn’t pull the trigger on the famous puffy jacket brand’s $300 price tag. REI had a very nice one of a different brand on sale for much less, so I now own my puffy jacket!!! I hoping I can al least wear it to the KC marathon, as there will be no need for it in Austin for at least 4 months. Jasper cashed in is his good behavior stickers for a Halloween costume at Costco. They actually seemed to be going quick and they are about half the price of other costumes I’ve seen, so I agreed to getting a Halloween costume 2 months early. I’m digging his choice….I just hope it sticks until Halloween.

Finally another Garmin bit the dust for me. I’ve yet to have one of these little boogers last more than about 13-14 months. My battery life is only about 3 hours now, and when you are old and slow like I am, a long run/ marathon takes longer than 3 hours. A little plug here….I did some research online and discovered the excellent DCRainmaker site. This is the site to go to for endurance sport related electronics reviews. It actually steered me away from Garmin for the first time. I use very few functions on a GPS watch, so I’ve ordered a much cheaper Timex. We’ll see how I like it, but the price is right ($76). Hopefully this battery can last through a long run or I need to run faster. Mike also asked me ” do you really need to know the pace of all your runs? These garmin watches would last a lot longer if you I didn’t use them almost everyday.” Yes, I remember a time when every run was based on a rough estimate of what I ran per mile divided into the total time I spent running. Anyone else remember a time when a run ended at a logical stopping point and not, “oh let’s run up and down this path until the run comes out to 10 miles since it’s really only 9.7 miles.” Yes, runners are rational people. I may have to start doing those runs where I don’t know how fast I am running, or in my case, how slow. 🙂


4 thoughts on “The green band, shopping, and garmin woes…”

  1. Congrats on the Green Band!!! That’s awesome, on all counts, just as you said! And on a 20 miler:) Lots of Chatarnga’s leave me with sore shoulders even though I do enough free weights:)

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one crippled by chatarngas. My arms and mid back will be so sore after a flow class….I really admire people who teach yoga. I can’t imagine doing that all day! Good to hear from you!

  2. Yes, we too are very proud of Jasper’s new accomplishment, in earning his green arm band. Way to go Jasper!!
    We also love his Halloween costume, but are sad we live too far away for him to come trick or treating at our door.

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