No rest for the weary…

“I’m very cute despite requiring constant activities.”

It’s 5:20 and I’m sitting here waiting on coffee brewing, not getting ready to go run. Gasp! I’m taking Jasper to a kids run today, and rather than get up and run at 4am, I scheduled in an off day. I actually wanted to take it. Yesterday was tough. I over scheduled massive amounts of activities and failed to ever get the chance to eat a real meal. And I fell into a massive heap at 9pm, completely spent. It was all my doing and part of the reason it was so hectic was I ran 20 miles. I’m the one who prioritized both kid sports and my own running, so I have no right to complain about the chaos the two create when they meet. However, I reserve full rights to bitch about another brutally humid run. I was good for 14 miles, but the last 6 were overwhelmingly hard. And the humidity was so high I was uber- soaked two miles in and a pair of freakin’ biking style shorts caused massive chafing. WTF? I am running out of short options here. The waistband, the legs, uggg. Sport bra chafing is a given, and I’ve accepted there’s nothing I can do about that. Shorts and sports bra combined rubbing off a good amount of skin made for a painful shower. Next weekend has got to be better….
The kids run should be interesting. Jaspy did a couple when he was about 2, but showed no interest in doing more and they are not cheap, so I quit signing him up and quit offering them. He found a shirt from one of them he’s never really worn, and begged to run again. The race he’s doing today is a true kids race, 1K, with lots of post race activities, so we’ll see how it goes. We currently have soccer and swimming, so I’m not sure we need another activity, but we could probably work in an occasional kids run. By the way, we got 4 year old sized soccer socks and shin guards, and they are about the he cutest thing ever.

It’s all about the treadmill this week and trying to get in yoga at home. Last week was a yoga fail due to Jasper getting a massive asthma type reaction that meant two missed days of school, two trips to the doctor, and two nights of terrible sleep. Yoga is funny….when I haven’t done it in awhile I just crave it. My body feels like it really needs to be stretched out, but then again maybe it’s because I ended up sleeping on a loveseat one night this week and pretty much slept folded in half….when someone insisted on sleeping on the other one after not breathing all night. Sigh…….

Ok…time to get ready for the kids run. Wish me luck.

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