Winner, winner,veggie burger dinner!

The winning pose

It’s been a busy week. It was just me and Jasper and while we’ve grown to be fine when it’s just us, this week I really felt the pinch of having to be all over town. I felt like I was racing the clock everyday from the minute I got up until I went to bed. It’s just really hard to drive around Austin now. Running an errand at rush hour is no small feat. We also added Thursday soccer practice which was challenging to get to at rush hour but we made it. Kids weekday sports= a sandwich for dinner in the car. But well worth it. Jasper is a natural at swimming, but we want him to do a team sport too. He seems to be taking to soccer really well.

I ran on the treadmill all week and did yoga in the evenings. I really don’t mind at all. I managed hills, and a speed day. It makes for really sweaty running and I missed out on our first blast of fall weather, but we walked Pancake in the evenings and I got to enjoy it then. Wednesday I did an unplanned hike with Pancake. Jasper asked to go to school after OT and that gave me a 4 hour window to run some errands and go to yoga. I needed it. However, the street to the Y was closed for a funeral procession. There was no way I was going to make it to my old lady yoga. I ran home, grabbed Cake and hit a trail by our house for a couple miles.
Heaven. We both loved hearing the creek flow and I found a geode for Jasper.

Remember last weekend we did a kids run? Well, I have finally learned the way to do a kids run is don’t try and run myself that worked great. This was a super hero themed run, and a fundraiser for a organization providing advocacy for abused kids, so well worth a donation. There was also a costume contest. It was a pretty big event. Jasper did really well. He asked to run alone and got lost, so we won’t be doing that again. Obviously I found him, but it was a little stressful. Anyhow, I got an email at work this week with the results from the race. I was shocked to find out Jasper won for best invented Superhero!!! I don’t think it was his costume, we threw that together the morning of the run. I think it was his presentation as he had an awesome pose. So one night after work we braved traffic to pick up his award. A Terra Toys gift certificate and an Amy’s ice cream gift certificate, plus a little goodie bag. So cool!!! Then we had to brave traffic another night to go spend his gift certificate, and I got a veggie burger at Hop Doddy’s next door to the toy store…..soooooooo yummy.

Today is an off running day. My stomach is unhappy ( when will I learn that I cannot eat pesto) and I get to run outside this week, so I decided to give the treadmill a rest. Tomorrow is 21-22 miles. Last big run for KC. I cannot believe it’s almost here. I am beyond excited.

Tidbits from the week: The new Clif kids bar Monster bar for Halloween is amazing. Chocolate mint. Beyond yummy. I watched a documentary about Divine while I ran one morning. Probably not a ton of runners who watch documentaries about an over weight drag queen. I count John Waters amongst the coolest people alive and watching it made my day (if the Hairspray play ever comes to Austin, I am there). I also watched a documentary about the John Muir trail. Hello, bucket list. Wow, it sure looks amazing. Halloween decorations are very hard to resist at Target, especially when you end up there every other day to pick up something, and the bad news of the week is Jaspy did 4:30-5:00 am wake ups all week. I want my solo morning time back.

Ok, more coffee, then off to a soccer game. And lots of Tums to consume today to get by belly into 20 miler mode for tomorrow.

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