Sore! And more……



A good mood moment….I’ll take them when I can get them

I got in my last really long run on Sunday. My plan was 22, but a slightly late start meant I managed 20. I would have liked 22, but I’ll have to be happy with that. Remember how I mentioned I ran on he treadmill all week? Well, it must be more forgiving on your legs because I was sore like I had raced a marathon. It was all quads too. It was one of those runs I finished and right away knew the next day would hurt. I guess jumping from not being on the pavement for 7 days to 20 miles was just too much. Yesterday the soreness had finally calmed down. We had a last minute cancellation of Jasper’s OT appointment, so he went to Kid Fit at the gym while I got to go to class with my favorite yoga teacher. She’s challenging but not ridiculous. But two weeks with only home yoga meant the class kicked by butt. My back and arms are soooooo sore today. So sore all over again. I’m a little concerned that I’ve got a two week stint of no outdoor running pre marathon. I’m really hoping my legs don’t fail me. I can be sore afterwards, but want to make it through the whole thing without major quad-itis.

We’ve started putting up Halloween stuff. Jasper is very, very excited for it. Over the last few weeks we’ve experienced a dramatic backsliding on progress with difficult behaviors, and it’s made for a stressful few weeks. Halloween has been a motivator since he’s looking so forward to it,and so am I. I really love Halloween too, and I love fall, so it’s been an exciting time. I am in heaven with all the Trader Joe’s pumpkin products. How did I ever survive without this store? (That’s where the gingerbread house came from).

We are entering a really hectic two weeks. I’ve got my last challenging run for marathon training in two days. 16 miles, after that it’s all pretty easy stuff. I will need to remind myself to slow down and de-stress to make it to KC in one piece and not sick or injured. While I still have major mom guilt about this trip, it will be a good way to end a busy phase. Hopefully my sore yoga arms will have recovered by then….

Time to hit the foam roller if I want to be able to move around tomorrow. I’m ready for the taper!

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