It was bound to happen…


One of the laws of marathon/ any big race training is expect things to fall apart in some way during your taper.   Examples that have happened to me:  a major move, food poisoning, and stubbing my toe on a rock and falling so hard I was limping for a week.   This go round was no outside running for almost two weeks and a major behavior jag on Jaspy’s part. 

But I have learned.  Two weeks is just a little too long for me to forgo an outdoor, “real” run.  I LOVE my treadmill.  I am thankful I had the means to get it, I am so, so lucky I have this as a way to run.  But it’s not how I want to do all my runs.  Yes, running is a luxury, not a necessity, but as someone who has started almost everyday of my entire adult life with a run, it really is a necessity for my mental health.  The treadmill does the trick, but just one outdoor run in a couple of weeks would have helped a lot.  So next time I find myself in this scenario, I’ll plan to pick a day I leave work early and get in a run.  If I find a magical babysitter, great….but if not, I’ll make it happen.  I actually had a couple plans for a little “me” time and both fell through.   The behavior jag coupled with not getting out to run was not the best combo.  Most of us can conquer anything as long as we get our run in.  A treadmill run makes me able to conquer about 90% of anything.  It’s that little 10% percent I couldn’t conquer that got me down a bit this week.

But now I am 5 days out from KC and that makes me happy.  I am a little concerned about my legs’ lack of contact with pavement, but there is nothing I can do about it at this point in the game.  The weather looks good, and I was able to watch a little of the Chicago marathon online yesterday, so I am inspired.  Oh, and I get to spend time with friends.  That will be the best part….as long as they don’t mind waiting for me at the end…..


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