It’s been a very stressful last couple of months. Mainly because at least someone in this his household has been constantly traveling. Add to it some good stress….running a marathon, getting a new dog….yes, these things are wonderful but not really relaxing. Then some bad stress, sick kid, constant appointments, trying to work….you know the old “I’m doing a lot of things but not doing any of them very well” deal, and that’s where I’ve been. This weekend the stress continues with a last minute work trip for me. In Chicago where the high is going to be in the low 30s. Ouch. The puffy jacket will come out. Actually there is no downtime on this trip, so I really won’t even need to see the outdoors, but I plan to run. Last time I had this same conference I was able to run the lake path. Hotel treadmill is a back up….it’s not like I’m not used to it. 🙂

DaVinci is settling in really well. We had a few marking territory incidents I was not happy about, but once he seemed less nervous that stopped. His running is not going well though, but it’s ok. He seems utterly uninterested in going on a run, but will chase a ball for hours. So that may be his gig. He sleeps on the bed which is something Cake never has done. It’s nice to have a doggie at your feet all night. I’ve caught him and Cake playing a few times too, which is the biggest relief that their temperaments do indeed mesh, and there is no aggression. He’s really good with Jasper too, where as being an older dog, Cake always just tolerated him, but was never that interested in him. It’s nice he has a dog buddy now.

I’m staring to plan for Austin marathon! I got invited back for the pace team, which is a huge honor I really enjoy. We are about 13-14 week out, so I’m back to some mid range runs. I will always run Austin as long I’m capable. It’s just so cool to have a home town marathon. This will be my 14th Austin this year. I missed two years….one was early one before I realized I’d have a streak and I took off the year I got married and graduated nursing school the same winter as the marathon…and then the year I had Jasper I was on bed rest for post partum hypertension, but I probably couldn’t have managed even walking it if I had been allowed. I was a mess. I give myself a pass for that year and the year I missed for trivial things like graduating and marriage ( I kid), I still did the half, so I’m calling it a streak!

Well….I’ve got a super early wake up tomorrow and I’ve spent two days with a feverish child glued to me starting at 4am…so yes, I am tired. Time to dream of puffy jackets…….

2 thoughts on “Lately…”

  1. I’m so glad the dog is working out! It’s super stressful adding to the mix though. I get that. I’ve been a single mom since really September. I haven’t seen Michael since October 28 and he won’t be back until maybe November 27. I admire you so for keeping up with everything even when travel gets in the way. You really are amazing. Don’t freeze in Chicago! It’s been in the 40s here and while I know that’s not really cold, I am being a wuss about it. 🙂

    1. Ok, you’ve got some serious husband travel there!!!! And you are way too kind in your compliments. Remember I only have one little child which is so much easier than entertaining two. Honestly the only way I manage exercise when I’m solo is waking up painfully early. It sucks, but it beats not being able to do it.

      I am a super wuss about the cold. It’s not cold here at all yet which is why Chicago will probably seem really cold. Hope you are surviving your solo time and able to run here and there!

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