Update in overly long sentences…

One of the many highlights of the last week…

The last week was a full one. The short version: I flew to Chicago and back, I got a mild stomach bug there, it put a damper on things, Jasper had another reactive airway episode, and got a real diagnosis of it, so that bought him a nebulizer, I missed more work, and I I tried desperately to catch up on work, I did a run with the marathon pace groups during our first real winter weather weekend, lots of standing around in the cold on said run meant for lots of muscle soreness, I celebrated a birthday, I requested a stress free day without me reaching my breaking point, it sorta happened. I got a Ninja ( take that vitamix!), I made my first pumpkin pie smoothie, My very kind and generous family over- gifted me with Lululemon giftcards, And I have some shopping to do. I went to a real yoga class, and despite a birthday massage, my entire body hurts from the real yoga class. I had a great birthday dinner, with salmon, an IPA and a peanut butter dessert.

And now I’ve got some soda crush to play with a little black fur ball at my feet. And then bed calls!

2 thoughts on “Update in overly long sentences…”

    1. Thanks, Olga! I guess I do sound like I’m complaining, but it’s all in good fun. It was just a jam packed week!!!!! Ready for some time off next week.

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