Little updates…

More little updates. Life is calming down some. Whew! I needed a couple weeks where nobody in the house had to go out of town!

This weekend I did my first run starting to enter “real” lmarathon training runs. I did 15.5 hilly miles. I was just dead afterwards. You know those runs where you wonder how you ever did 26? It was one of those. I took Jasp swimming for a little bit later in the day and then met a friend at yoga, which I would not normally do after a long run, but that was really the only day I could go. So perhaps I overdid it a bit, but I definitely feel like I’ve entered marathon training, aka always tired and hungry. šŸ˜ƒ

The only new news is that Jasper started taekwondo. We debated doing it. He does swimming already and we’ve been rotating through the Y’s team sports to help work on interacting with peers, teamwork, etc. We’ve had a couple epic tantrums, but we’ve still tried to push doing things with a team. He really wanted to do taekwondo, and we did a trial class. Of course he loved it, and of course it’s very expensive. There’s equipment now and fees for belt graduations and mandatory memberships into the American Taekwondo Association. But, there’s also a requirement to meet behavior goals at home and at practice to move up in belts. And a behavior chart. It’s only been two weeks in taekwondo, but this was the first weekend in a couple months without a massive tantrum (or multiple tantrums) as is the case most weekends, which usually means by Sunday I’m totally fried and start the week on the brink of my own breakdown. The take home discipline chart appears to be highly motivating. If it continues to work, it’s money well spent. I’m also pretty impressed with the the program so far and how much the kids get to work on skills and how much the instructor motivates them to do what they are told. So yes, for purely selfish reasons I am digging taekwondo. It’s keeping me sane, and keeping the little Tasmanian devil calm.

And finally, some smoothie news. Now that I have a real blender, I’ve been branching out. Why did it take me so long to discover protein powder? I guess I always thought it was a waste of money and wouldn’t add much, but it makes smoothies taste like milkshakes. I have the Trader Joe’s brand. I know everyone loves Vega, but the price tag. OMG!!!! You need to take out a second mortgage to buy that stuff. I’ve never had it and you don’t miss what you never had. I’m sticking with TJs.

Ok, time to sleep. Yes, it’s only 900 but I ran extra early so I could take a little doggie to the vet for some minor surgery. Time to curl up with the little doggie and get ready for some hills in the morning.

Super, milkshakey tasting green monster. Mmmmmmmm

4 thoughts on “Little updates…”

  1. So happy to hear about all of the great benefits of taekwondo for young kids. Sounds like great motivation.
    I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving break, you deserve a rest!

    1. No, at the Y they required a parent do it with your child, and I wanted a place where they had classes that were all young kids…not mixing kids and adults in the same class. It costs more, but seems higher quality. Plus it’s two times a week as opposed to one at the Y. I think any place that is an “ATA” taekwondo studio follows the same program for young kids. So far we are very happy with it.

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