Cupcakes, parades, and silly string…



Our version of pumpkin pie. Christmas parade photo similar to the one in the paper, and silly string madness.

It was a long weekend…which is wonderful and tiring. I worked a little Friday, but otherwise….nada.

Now lots of folks do the turkey trot thing, but in the last few years, I’ve grown to love a nice quiet, holiday run. I bribed Steve into meeting me a Brushy Creek, and it was heaven. It was beautiful and I did another beautiful neighborhood run on Saturday. It’s hard not to feel thanks and gratitude when you have beautiful runs in perfect weather. Friday I took an off day and slept until 6 am and drank coffee in my pajamas. Also quite lovely. I needed it too….I fell asleep at 8:30 on Thanksgiving, completely spent….I felt like a loser, but I felt rested for the first time in weeks.

Today I did 16 miles with Meghan and Steve. It was 70 and humid. That must be my threshold for feeling tired the rest of the day, because I was. But it’s done…the 20 milers are right around the corner.

And our eats…..we did Pumpkin cupcakes from scratch complete with from scratch cream cheese icing….that made double what you really needed. Having a vat of homemade cream cheese frosting in your fridge is extremely dangerous. Today I had to set it out to pasture. Those little spoonfuls here and there of icing can’t be the best idea. Just saying’. We also started Christmas cookies today. This year I am determined to have time to make plenty of them…..enough to share….and have some variety. So more to come. Another reason to get rid of a vat of cream cheese icing.

Finally….I’ve been down on Austin this year. The traffic is completely out of control and I’m over the hipsters and overly expensive restaurants. But going to the Chuy’s Christmas parade gives me hope it’s still worth living here. We’d gone before but never with Jasp. He loved it and made the paper! A photographer asked me if they could use his photo and he made it to our local paper’s online version. The parade was the highlight of our weekend. And the reason we have ozone missing above our house. The Spider-Man in the parade shot out silly string. It’s all I’ve heard about ever since. And someone had some money from grandparents, and silly string doesn’t really cost much anyways….so we purchased quite a few cans, hence they hole in the ozone.

And one last finally….I’m attempting a December yoga challenge. Just some yoga everyday. I do this most days anyway, but I figured December is a really good month to take care of my body everyday…..the extra stress plus more long runs. Usually I fail at challenges. The whole ” do something everyday” thing doesn’t work for me……usually. I’m hoping to break my streak of failure with this one. If I fail again I could always go for “eat a Christmas cookie everyday”.


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