Yoga, Santathon, cookies, and owls…

This picture is leftover from Thanksgiving weekend and I forgot to post it then. It’s awfully cute, isn’t it?

The yoga challenge is proving to be quite a challenge. I do a short yoga video most nights, but it’s those nights I don’t that are hard to add something in. Sometimes we are just super busy other times I honestly feel too tired for even 15 minutes….but I did at least something everyday for my self inflicted challenge that no one else cares about. Yesterday was a stretch to call it yoga with just a few down dogs after my run, and every intention of adding more later, but my afternoon plans were ambushed by a 2.5 hour wait to see Santa. Otherwise, I’ve got at least 15 minutes of yoga a day with a killer class Wednesday that left me sore for two days. Wimp!

I had really nice runs this week with lots of company. I had a painfully early 4:30 am run and lucked out when my neighborhood partner actually wanted to meet the same day at 4:45. Score! Then I lucked out again yesterday in that Steve wanted a buddy so was happy to come my way. The goal was a hard 16 for a long run. Today my neighborhood partner was happy to join again so more company. DaVinci is running just a mile at a time with me still, and still manages to chase a ball for hours, but somehow doesn’t really seem that into running more than a mile. But he has started waiting by the door for me to do his mile. So I know he likes it. This week is all treadmill which won’t be bad since it’s just a week and I should still manage a nice weekend run.

And the Christmas cookie count so far is 1 batch peanut butter drops and 1 batch chocolate crinkles. Other than me, the rest of this household heavily favors chocolate, and since I am outnumbered and I really don’t want a non- chocolate batch of Christmas cookies just for me, chocolate it is.

We got our tree this weekend and had the 2.5 hour wait to see Santa. Jaspy was really, really excited to see Santa, so I endured. Note to self: next year if I do a hilly long run the morning before seeing Santa I will wear compression socks and not wear my converse….oh and bring water. My legs were toast by bedtime.

As I type this I hear a very loud owl outside. Dang, I love living in a neighborhood with trees. Life is better when you are treated to wildlife from time to time…..and when you have batches of Christmas cookies.

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