Joy, joy, joy….



Pure beauty…the Zilker tree seen from the Ferris wheel. Pure yumminess, Oreo peppermint cookies. Pure joy…..riding the Ferris wheel after talking about it nonstop for two weeks.

Christmas post! The last week was a mix of super fun holiday times with some epic kid meltdowns, but take the good with the bad, right?

We made it to the trail of lights after one cancellation due to a meltdown, but just squeaked in to see it before the final weekend crowds. It was a 90 minute traffic jam to get there and not a cheap outing with parking, and the pricey Ferris wheel, but soooooo worth it. Pure joy from every child there. And I had an Amy’s hot chocolate with homemade Mexican vanilla marshmallows. Amazing……

I had a wonderful 18 mile run this weekend connecting with my friend Meredith who I hadn’t seen in forever. It felt great to chat the miles away and she brought me fabulous Kona coffee and a trucker hat after having just finished a double ironman in Hawaii. So she humored me on my “hill” run after biking 200 miles up a volcano. I also realized trucker hats aren’t the best look for me….And what’s the best thing to do after an 18 mile run? Well., Jasper and I decided we really wanted to give neighbors little cookies gift bags and went on a three hour cookie making marathon later. I thought we’d have tons left over after our gifts, but sadly not. It brought my cookie total for this Christmas to 5 batches. My faves were the Oreo peppermint drops pictured above.

Sunday my friend Stephanie was in town and I did a group run and then breakfast. Another fabulous morning. As much as I love going to kid sports on weekends, I confess I miss the ritual of a group run followed by going out to breakfast. My waistline doesn’t miss big breakfasts, but my heart does. Sniff….many of life’s problems were solved during those breakfasts, not to mention the laughs and inside jokes that still go on after 10 years.

I’ve got to rush off to work now. More holiday updates to comes…


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