Holiday running, etc….

Somehow I managed not to take any real pictures of Christmas. It went by in such a blur. Jasper is still young enough that what he wants changes by the minute, and he’s not really into big ticket items, so he mostly had an assortment of some toys he seemed interested in. But he declared he got everything he wanted so it was a success. We’ve hit the point where Christmas is super fun with lots of activities leading up to it, and I’ll miss the big behavior bargaining chip it gave me.

I got some nice runner gifts for Christmas. Socks, drink mixes, The Runners World cookbook, and a Road Runner sports giftcard. I’m saving it for when I need new shoes. My current shoe is no longer made and I’ve scooped up the last of them at the outlet mall, so it’s time to find a new shoe. Running shoe shopping = fun. Real shoe shopping, not so much.

I made this week a drop down week in running with the holiday and some travel. I gambled on Christmas Day by getting up to run at 5am , hoping that if I did an hour long run Jasper would still be asleep when I got home, and it worked! There’s just something about running Christmas Day with all the lights and the peacefulness of it all. And let’s be honest it’s a day spent eating lots of sugar and getting a few miles in eases the guilt.

The yoga challenge is in it’s final days and I did miss a few days over the month. The day we saw the trail of lights we got home at 10pm and I had gone into work at 600 that morning, and I was just too tired to lift a finger. We are visiting family right now and I missed yesterday and today. There’s just no good way to say ” oh don’t mind me, just doing yoga while everyone is watching tv”, so I just opted not to do it. But the challenge did get me in the mindset of giving just a few focused moments everyday. Just taking 10 minutes before bed to stretch out makes a difference. So I guess overall it was a success.

Coming up: Time for 20 milers and 2015 running plans, and no more cookies.

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