Another year, another mile…

Yes, I’ve already used this photo. But it’s one of few running photos I have. “Frankenstein legs ”

2015 running started with a treadmill run. It was 33 and raining out and there’s a treadmill in my house…..and a small child awake at 6:30 (and that’s sleeping in for him). So that at sealed the deal.

I’m not one for resolutions. But this year I will get a game changer that will give me the opportunity to do a little more. When Jasper starts school in the fall my commute time will go down quite a bit and I just may find the extra time to try spin class, take a baking class, and do yoga somewhere besides my bedroom. I’m really, really looking forward to spending less time in my car and more time on life.

After the Austin marathon I have an April marathon in Washington. It’s super hilly, and means I will spend some time doing actual training. After that the racing goes quiet for awhile and then I’d like to spend late summer training properly for a marathon. I was thinking maybe a December marathon in 2015 so I don’t do 20 milers in August, but that is a long way off, so who knows. I do know that I’d like to add a couple shorter races in, as I ran my best when I did occasional shorter races. Yes, part of me pitifully hangs onto being a real runner and wanting to run times closer to running than walking, but at the end of the day just staying injury free is about all I can ask for.

We have a lot of trips planned this year! Disney World in March (while marathon training…..that should be interesting ). And Jasper has requested a beach trip this summer. Plus Jasper and I have our Washington trip in April where we are praying to the rain Gods to rain now and not then.

Other running goals: find a pair of shoes that aren’t so orthopedic, branch out and try some different post run smoothies, don’t kill my GPS watch this year, get my little doggie partner, DaVinci, past 2 miles, keep building new routes in my ‘hood since I forever seem to have somewhere to be 20 minutes after I finish a long run.

And on that note…..I gotta inhale breakfast and take a shower then get Jasper to Mt Playmore for at least 4 hours of indoor bouncing and climbing.

Happy New Year.

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