The 30k and recipes…..

I’ve been trying to get him to wear this for a year….so cute!

What I wake up to every morning. I’ve created a runner…..

Life is humming along at its usual rate of insanity. The end of the holidays quickly gives way to two birthdays and the peak of marathon training in our household. So I feel like we’re still full steam ahead even though the holiday rush is over.

I got in a 20 miler last weekend, that left me feeling like I had work to do. I managed a 40 minute nap that afternoon and the difference in how I felt that evening was pretty pronounced…..as in so much better. I’ve made a vow to lay down just a few minutes on super long run days, so I’m not feeling faint at 5pm.

Yesterday was the Rogue 30k. This run has a long history in the Austin area and has had many names and locations. On the plus side, I love the idea of giving marathon runners an opportunity for a dress rehearsal. I also love that this has always been a “runner’s race”. Meaning, no matter how fast or slow, everyone doing it has been putting in the early mornings, the 30 degree long runs, and squeezing runs in on days they would rather sleep in. They “get” it. Nothing wrong with the themed fun run type races, but at this one I feel like I’m among my people. Having it at a high school is nice for warmth pre race and real bathrooms and a nice place to change and warm up when you are done. On the minus side, there just hasn’t been a super interesting course in years for this race. And maybe that’s just the way it is. Finding a place to put almost 19 miles of course has got to be tricky. Yesterday was loops in a large suburban neighborhood. There were many déjà vu moments, because we repeated a lot of little intersections. It felt like a run I would do on my own trying to squeeze out a long run in my neighborhood. And maybe that’s ok. I chatted with my pacing partner the whole way and basically got a supported long run out the of the deal. There were simple shirts and medals and that’s just fine. Maybe simple is the way to keep it a runner’s run, and it’s definitely good a marathon prep. The fact the weather has been atrocious for a week and we got a window of 36 degrees and no rain made it fairly pleasant. I was happy to check the box last night that this one was done. 1-2 more tough ones and its game day.

Finally a plug for The Runners World cookbook. I got it for Christmas and have made several things and everything has been delicious. The recipes are all very easy and very healthy. We’ve repeated a few things already that have been incredibly good. This would be a great cookbook for anyone who wants some fast dishes to prepare that are healthy without being over the top “health foodie”. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. And unfortunately Chef Jasper is only interested in making sweets. So there are still cookies in my house and I am still eating them. I wish I could talk Chef Jasper into some salad recipes.

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