Observations from a morning run…

At least I had good flavors…

After a pretty stressful week, I opted to make the long trek downtown so I could have company for my 20 miler. In the winter, the fact that it stays dark for two hour of my run is a bit of a mental challenge for me when I’m alone. Especially if it’s cold. The weather was fantastic this weekend. Haven’t been able to say that for awhile. And I didn’t know when I’d say it again, being January and all, so I figured come hell or high water, I needed to run 20 miles. My plan was hill loop, trail loop, hill loop, to mimic the early and late hills on the Austin marathon course. I ended up only doing one hill loop and the rest on the town lake trail. I love the trail. It’s my favorite run in Austin. A few observations:

-I’ve run over 30 marathons and that’s not counting the ultras. I don’t say this to brag, but rather to wonder how in the heck is 20 miles still so hard. It’s hard mentally, and it’s always hard to keep it together those last 3 miles. Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to run one of these and not poop out so much.

-I got Skratch labs drinks for Christmas. These are the best sports drinks I’ve ever had and the best on my stomach…..and I have tried a lot. Only downside…..they are crazy expensive. I loved all the flavors I tried. There is a matcha green tea that is delicious post run. I better start saving my pennies.

-the muscle in front of my shin got super sore. This happens to me from time to time, but it makes my foot a little numb creating something I have named “slappy foot”. My guess is the muscle swells a little and compresses the nerve that runs into my foot. Since it happens from time to time, I’ll call it harmless? Yeah, sure. To anyone else this sounds insane ” my leg gets sore then makes my foot numb, nothing to worry about!” To a runner, this sounds totally reasonable.

– I bought myself running mittens this year. In addition to random foot numbness, I suffer from cold hand disease. My hands never get warm during cold runs and start to burn and ache and become stiff. I’ll do two pairs of gloves and still get achy hands. This year my mittens over a pair of gloves did the trick. I have enjoyed my first hand pain free winter in awhile. I lost one of the mittens after my run. Not sure if it’s in the house or if I dropped it on the way to my car. I’ve gone completely Smeagol over it, because I already checked and they are no longer sold. I wants the Precious back!!!!!!!

– I’ve become slow enough and an old enough that when runners in their 20s go by me on the trail I have to wonder if they are thinking “this old lady should really just hang it up. I can’t even call what she’s doing running. “. I got passed by a lot of people this weekend. They were thin and wearing shorts and zipping by. I felt old and slow….then again my mittens and fanny pack of GUs didn’t really help my look speedy.

And in non running news, Jaspy fell in love with prairie dogs today at the zoo. I spent my evening watching you tube videos of them. They are very clever little creatures. I approve of his latest obsession.

Time to throw on some compression socks and get in bed……

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