It’s marathon week!

Pacer gear!!!

I’ve started this post a million times in the last week. It’s just been busy and a bit stressed out with being a bit heavily scheduled. We had Jasper’s birthday last week and it was a whirlwind of family time and a lot of trips to Costco. His party at home per his request was fun for the kids, but definitely a fail on my part for not being too chaotic. The kids didn’t seem to notice but the parents did. Maybe next year we’ll strike a balance. Games are fine if all the kids will play. When only half do what do you do with the other 10 kids? I have super cute pictures on the camera I’ve yet to upload. It took me half a week to just get to putting out clean towels….so pictures will get their time. We had gobs of left over birthday cake all week, and I’ve decided that I think Costco is my favorite birthday cake. I love the filling.

I was smart and wrote off trying to squeeze in one last hard, long run. I did 13 before work last week with a 4 am wake up, and didn’t go long over the weekend while we had company and the party. This is marathon week, so it will be pretty easy going. I’m watching the weather like a hawk and wearing compression socks with outfits I probably shouldn’t. And I get pacer gear this week! My partner sent me the photo. Yay for pink….but I’m wondering if the jacket is white or clear. I’ve never worn clear clothing.

And speaking of running gear, we got Jaspy a pair of Asics at Academy today. There are not words for the cuteness. They are regular Asics running shoes but kid sized. Now, he just needs kid compression socks.


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