Recovered and pink blood….

Because running blogs are really about narcissism….

Jasper completes an item on his bucket list…..eating cotton candy on a stick. Once it got a little melt-y, he declined saying it had too much pink blood on it.

Happily after a few days of post marathon misery, I was feeling pretty good. Jaspy got better, I got some sleep, and I made it to yoga. I foam rolled, did some gentle walking……and then poof…..time to start prepping for my April marathon.

I’ve done the Austin to Boston double 4 times and this is the same thing, since it’s the same weekend as Boston. It’s tricky….there’s too much time in between races to ride the training for Austin and just maintain, but too little time to take a break and retrain. This week was super easy, and next week I start “heavily modified Hanson plan training to hopefully run a super hilly marathon a little faster than I would have without doing a plan”. Yeah, good luck with that.

In 8 days training challenge number one: running on a disney world vacation. Not a bad problem to have. This trip has been about a million years in the making, so it hasn’t quite sunk in that it’s happening. I have no idea what to expect. We are taking the trip at an easy pace and have no “must do ” rides. Only goal is fun and a much needed break. Our hotel doesn’t have a gym, but a 2 mile running path. I’ve had conflicting reports if you are allowed to run on the roads within the Disney property. If not, I have a lot of two mile loops coming my way, and it will be the happiest two mile loop on earth. Not sure if I’ll get the prescribed mileage, but I think I can give myself some bonus miles for walking in the parks.

Ok, time to make some red velvet crinkle cookies per Jaspy’s request. Aka red blood crinkles.

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