Back to reality…

Too cute not to post…

And, good ‘ole reality again….After a couple days to ease back into life post vacation we were back up full speed.  I got mostly back on track with marathon prep.  The weather was pretty grim when we got home and I had a window of dry, pre day light savings time last Saturday morning.  I had a great 16 miler, all hills, all solo, and kept my head in the game the whole time.  I was too slow though, but I tried not to think about that.  Sunday I did 8 in pouring rain.  Monday I could not get my ass up in time and had to cut my treadmill run short a couple miles.  Tuesday went well and I saw the first number of my mile splits start with an “8” as they should!  Wednesday I forgot to set my alarm and had to cut another run short.  Thursday I did 8 fast for me miles and felt like I was back on track.  Even with cutting some runs short I still added some bulk to the weekday runs, a la my new plan.  Next week will be a challenge…..Mike is out of town and I’m doing all my runs on the treadmill.  Which likely means my little partner will get up too early, which means I may cut some runs short.  Jasper has day camp by our house and I am really hoping not having to go to his daycare which is out of my way helps cut my commute time and I can sneak in a couple miles with the dogs in the evenings.   But it is SXSW aka, add an extra 100,000 people into downtown Austin, aka some ugly traffic.   So we’ll see.   I’ll just hope for the best.

My issue of the week was I strained a deep back muscle and did not notice it Tuesday on my run, but when I got home I really noticed it and it was sore for about three days.  Running was ok once I warmed it up, but other movements were not.  The irony is I did it doing core work to help strengthen weak muscles to avoid things like back injuries.  Yes, it’s almost laughable how pathetic I am….I get hurt doing exercises to not get hurt.  It seems better now, so I’m hoping it was just something to irritate me for a few days.  As every runner knows, little twinges can cause great worry….

Jaspy’s had some ups and downs getting back into school after vacation.   I fell back into the swing of things pretty quick but after reflecting on vacay for a few days I realized I really want to go back now that I have some idea of the lay of the land at Disney and what we like to do……and that I really missed out on all their really good eats.   A do over is in my future somewhere.  In the meantime I am planning out Washington trip in about 5 weeks.  I think one of the keys to happiness is to always have a vacation on the horizon. 

Time for me to start shutting it down.  I’m aiming for 16-18 miles with a 5:30 start tomorrow and a full day including tackling yard work.  3 weeks of wet weather makes for some serious weed-age.  There are few things I dislike more than yardwork, but I suppose one of them is being the house that’s bringing down the property values for the neighborhood, so yardwork it is. 

 Plan for the night….finish reading Gone Girl so I can rent it next week as my treadmill treat.  You know you’re a runner when you think things like “ohhh!  That will make a good treadmill movie!”

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