Ready for a new week…

Rainy day playdoh

Today’s 20 miler was blissful for many reasons.  The weather was perfect.  60 degrees with slight humidity.  Other than the last two miles where I’d finally bonked a bit after weathering some shut off water fountains, I ran strong and felt effortless the whole way.  I had company for about an hour and I really needed time to chat with a friend.    I’d run on the treadmill all week, and just really needed some outside time.  It was a challenging week, and I was desperately needing some “me” time.   Finally, I realized it’s my last 20 miler for a few months at least.  That was serious motivation to get it done.   

So yes, the week had some ups and downs.  Jaspy went to spring break camp by our house.  It was simply amazing to cut his daycare out of my commute and have him close to home.  I went home first everyday and took the dogs for a quick little 1 mile or so run, then went and got him.  His mood was sooooo much better without another 45 minutes of traffic.  I am really, really looking forward to the fall when his school is by our house.  Having a few minutes to make the doggies happy, made me much more relaxed in the evenings.    But we had our challenges.  Changes in routine and schedules always cause behavior jags and bad sleep so there were times I was really looking forward to my outdoor runs returning for my mental health.  My treat to myself was renting Gone Girl for a run and then finishing it that same night.  Total disappointment.   Am I the only one who hated it?  Bleh.  I watched about 5 episodes of season 3 of House of Cards, and can’t decide if I should keep going.  It’s just not that good, but I’m pretty invested at this point.   At least I have Vikings.   This is spring break when you’re forty something…..Netflix and a glass of wine.  

My therapy of choice to cope with a stressful week?  Retail of course.  I am anxiously awaiting some items from the Oiselle outlet sale.   Yeah, even on sale the stuff is freakin’ expensive but nothing cheers up a slightly stressed out runner like new gear.   

So onward….a new week, new gear (hopefully) and new attitude.  Spring is here!

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