Austin 10 miler race report….

yes, that is glitter on the medal

Seriously, the Austin 10 miler is my new favorite race.  Why aren’t there more races this distance?  It’s long enough to call it a long run, but short enough to run “fast”.  I did this race because it was very close to my house, I had a discount coupon, and I realized I missed shorter races….plus I wanted to test if my attempt at some faster workouts was doing me any good. 

This run started at a large outdoor high end mall.  There was tons of parking and it was effortless to get to the start.  Yay.  Another plus the mall restrooms were open with no lines and real toilets and sinks, aka no porta potties.  The weather was perfect.  A little chilly at the start, but within half a mile I was comfortable.  The corrals for this race actually worked.  Your bib number indicated your corral it would be a bit of challenge to jump up so most peopled were seeded accurately.   The course wasn’t super exciting….an outdoor mall, a industrial/ office complex area, and the IBM campus.  The bluebonnets are out of control in this part of town so it made the dull scenery really pretty.   You could actually smell them.  The IBM campus part was by far my favorite.   They win for the most bluebonnets and there were some pretty cypress trees.  The gimmick of this race was a band every half mile.  I’m not really a fan of gimmicky races, but this one worked.  The bands were on small stages and most of them were very young kids with lots of enthusiasm.  It was a nice opportunity for them to play, and it gave it a local, Austin-y, rather than gimmicky feel.   I liked it.  It really passed the time since about every half mile you knew something new was coming.   The finish was super organized and while I don’t really need a finisher medal for 10 miles, the race did have a medal on par with a large marathon’s…..it’s very nice.  The shirts are really nice too and the expo was a breeze as well.  So yeah, I was blown away by the organization and how “easy” this run was.

As for the running part, I’ve morphed into a 9-10 minute pace person.  I’m sorta unhappy about this and have been working to ultimately qualify for Boston again.  It will take awhile, if it even happens, but I’m on the right path.  I seeded myself at a 9min/ mile pace.  I ended up with 8:22 average and a negative split.  I don’t say any of this to pat myself on the back but rather to remind myself I can run a race smartly, despite my attempts at self sabotage.   My only flub was keeping my sunglasses in the car.  Why would someone leave their really nice Oakley sunglasses in the car for a run with early morning sun rising right into your eyes, you ask?  Well, I’m pretty much an idiot as I’ve proven time and time again.  I was also pleased to have a decent day after a night of total crap sleep.   Jaspy is in a sleep black hole, and I won’t bore anyone with a kid with a sleep disorder post, but let’s just say I could write a novel at this point.

But running is all about focusing on the good things, right?  It was a beautiful day and I’m so lucky to do things like this.  The day also included a movie with my favorite little non-sleeping movie date, and a kick ass pot of homemade tortilla soup….made by me.  I think I ate three bowls. 

And now relaxation calls…..another bonus of 10 miles is not being totally fried afterwards, but I’ll still use it as an excuse to wrap myself in a blanket and watch a movie.

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