Final push and it’s Easter!

coloring eggs inbetween breathing treatments


the end product

This post is brought to you by peanut butter M & M s.   Mmmmmmm.

This was the last hard week for marathon prep!   Next week there are a handful of 10 milers and then it’s pretty easy.  The week was slightly screwed up by illness.  Jaspy had a terrible reactive airway episode (the pediatrician term du jour for asthma) and missed some school.  I guess it must have been triggered by a mild virus because I ended up getting sick and today actually spent some time in bed.  Nothing serious, and this would be the time to get sick versus marathon week….but it slowed the final hard training week a bit.  Yesterday I had a lovely 15 miler in bluebonnet country with Steve and afterwards I could tell I was cooked.  Today was already scheduled as rest so it worked out well.  It’s too early for me to say if basing my training on the Hansons book worked this go round, but I have enjoyed beefing up my weekday runs and toning down my weekend runs.  I’ll summarize when all is said and done, but let’s just say only one 20 miler was quite nice.

As has been the theme in Austin for as long as I can remember, it was a cold dreary Easter.  It seems like every year it’s sunny and 80 all week and Easter Day is 50 and raining.  As it was today.  Since I didn’t feel good it wasn’t that big a deal to have a down day.  Feeling bad also helped me avoid pigging out on candy.  I guess I’ll know I’m better when the appetite for chocolate returns.  In addition to candy, the Easter bunny brought Jaspy a new Mickey tsum tsum and some kinetic sand.  He and I had an 8:30 am date for a special Easter event at the children’s museum and he declared it the best Easter ever…..success.   We are grilling tonight but no Easter feast for Jaspy since he doesn’t really eat .  Sigh…. But I’m doing yet another recipe from Runners World.   I cannot say enough about how good everything has been I’ve tried.  Their recipes are healthy without being over the top “health foodie”, they tend to be very easy, and they incorporate a lot of veggies so it’s sorta a one pot meal.  Tonight is a yogurt marinated chicken over a homemade slaw with sugar peas that has a yogurt based dressing.  Yum.   Too bad I can’t really taste. 😰

My fingers are crossed that tomorrow I’m feeling better.  Running this time of year is heavenly.  I like things in the 60-70 degree range and we are right there in the mornings.  Everything looks really green and the super humidity hasn’t hit yet.   And the sucky cold winter was good for something……lots of wildflowers.  Happy spring!


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