Butterscotch ripple and other inspiration…

 Lost a fight with the hose…Dang it, kids make you do things you otherwise would not do.  Jaspy is really good at all things athletic but doesn’t always have the self confidence factor.  He’s a “rock star” in taekwondo (his teacher’s words), and I am gently encouraging him to do the black belt track.  He could have it by age 7-8.  It’s a gentle push though, without forcing and just lots of encouragement….”you can do anything you want!   I believe in you!”

So when I tell myself I’m too old and slow to qualify for Boston again, what kind of example am I?  Dang it….I’ve put in some work over the last few weeks.  I’ve done hills, tempo runs, and some total pain in the ass crap on the treadmill.  My long runs weren’t always optimal, but a couple test sessions showed me the work did kick my pace up a notch.   I’m still old and slow, but I’m attempting as close as I can to that stupid 3:45 time next weekend.   I did a test of sorts this morning, and I can run in the high 8 min. miles in comfort.  That’s not what I need , but I’ll just see what the day gives me. The rules of marathoning are:  1.  You get the day the marathon gods give you, and 2.  You get the day the marathon gods give you and 3.  You get the day the marathon gods give you .   You get the idea.  Sometimes everything falls into place and your run is effortless until about 23 miles and who gives a crap if you suffer through 3 more miles.  Sometimes you suffer from 10 miles on for no good reason.   Sometimes the weather is crap and your stomach is crap but you still have a good race.   To quote Willy Wonka :  Marathoning is 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation , and 2% butterscotch ripple.” ( or salted caramel GU).   So I’ll go with what the marathon gods give me, if it’s good, I I intend to believe in myself and aim high, and do that whole “my very best” thing, and maybe the marathon gods will give me my 3:45.    Dang parental example!

In other news, we tried a new restaurant this weekend and I had my first lobster roll. Swoon….  And new season of Game of Thrones on tonight.  Double swoon!!!!!


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