High waists, redemption, and an award!


 Don’t ask me why I’m wearing my race number and belt so high.  I have no idea.  

The theme of the week is soreness.  My legs seem reasonably worked out, but my hips and stomach muscles are pretty tight still. I wasn’t aware I had stomach muscles, as I’ve never seen them, so I guess I now know that I do.   I also know I am not crazy and that I really was running hard since my soreness is lingering.
I confess to spending what some people may consider an excessive amount of time on marathonguide.com this week. If you are one of the uninitiated, this site lists most marathons in North America in chronological order.  So if you think a July or August marathon sounds fun, but aren’t sure where to find one, this is the site for you.  I don’t think I could turn around fast enough and run another race in a few weeks, but 8 or more week is mighty tempting.  But pretty much everything in the summer is in northern states or Canada at the peak of summer.   Airfare from Austin, TX  to a really awesome sounding race in Duluth or Fargo is about $1000.  Ouch.  I don’t know about you, but to me that seems like a lot of money, plus hotel and rental car to go somewhere for 48 hours.  So the reality is I probably have to wait until the fall for a chance at redemption and to see a “3” as the first number in my marathon finish time.  Patience is not one of my better qualities.  On the up side I have a good chunk of time to come up a full blown marathon assault plan.

The best news is my angel was chosen as best student of the cycle in taekwondo and got a special award.  So proud!



4 thoughts on “High waists, redemption, and an award!”

  1. I laughed a little harder at that pic than I should have. I’ve seen people wearing belts in all different places but when you followed it up when the next pic…ha ha!

    I’ve got my first marathon in less than 3 weeks. Eeeeeek! Super nervous.

    1. I can’t wait to hear about your first marathon! You’ve got to email me and let me know how you did. Remember that the training is the hard part and the race is your reward for the hard work. Enjoy your day!!!!

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