Forging ahead…

   I love trail pictures, so symbolic of forging new paths.  Also when it’s deep into a Texas summer, a nice reminder of cooler running…..

This week I broke through the tiredness and soreness.  My hips were sore for over a week from that dang race.  Mike took pity on me and worked on them a few times to break up some knots.  By about Tuesday this week, I felt pretty normal and today was my first non-slogging it out run.  I tried a hilly, brisk run and succeeded for the most part,  but weather was fantastic, which helped.

Mentally I was down for the count the last week.  We had our two big trips I’d been looking forward to all winter done, and I had post marathon blues, which are a very real thing.   We’re not talking anything serious, but when you spend months preparing for something it’s very normal to miss the anticipation and ritual of it all.   My very sweet, well meaning friend I run with in my neighborhood sent me a reminder to sign up for the Disney marathon this week as registration opened.  Don’t I wish!!  I spent about 24 hours trying to rationalize doing it and just couldn’t.   Mike said “go with your friend!  Have fun, I just don’t want to go”.  No Mike, meant no Jasper and I just couldn’t go to Disney World and leave a 5 year old at home. Talk about years of future therapy as a young adult….. Plus, it is a small fortune to go and eyes I on the prize, I want my small fortune to go to Boston.

I also gave up the idea of trying to run a qualifier this summer.  Too expensive and logistically difficult. Then to add another minor disappointment for about a day, we thought we were taking a family trip to Bend, Oregon this summer.  Mike has a work trip and thought maybe we should all go.  A quick internet research session revealed 51 miles of urban trail, voted best running town in the U.S., and best town for breweries.  I pretty much started packing…..until looking into flights to Portland I realized two tickets for Jasper and  I was the same price as an entire vacation for all three of us, and since Mike would be working the whole time it seemed like a heck of a lot of money for Jasper and I to hang out on trails and breweries.   So another strike.  And why in the heck is Portland more expensive to get to than London?

So I did what any rational runner would do.   I signed up for a fall race and started planning.  I decided my fave local fall race, the Frankenthon, is my best bet.  Weather can still be warm, but logistics are about nil.  I’ve got all summer to work on pacing.  My friend Nancy is helping me and I am very thankful.  She doesn’t do anything drastically more than I do for training, but her results smoke mine.  She knocks her qualifier out of the park in every marathon she does, so we’re going to work on some speed and some midweek longer runs together.   I’m excited and motivated and as much as I wanted to jump back into training, a patient approach is more likely to give me the results I want.

I don’t mean to sound as if I was pouting all week about a couple races.  It was a week full of some pretty serious world and local events and those make one really treasure the important things in life.  My highlight of the week was walking to the convenience store with Jaspy for a new pack of gum he’d earned.  It was a long walk, and we chatted and chatted and he asked me to stop and hugged me and said “I need to hug you because I love you, Mommy.”  I think he also was motivated by the prospects of two packs of gum, but I’ll take it.


2 thoughts on “Forging ahead…”

  1. Sorry about Bend. We were thinking about moving there, but it is too expensive to get to and too far from Portland. Did you check Ak airlines and Jet Blue?
    Sweet story about your walk to the store with Jasper.

    1. Tickets on every airline were about $800 for each of us. We both flew to Seattle, round trip for less than that. I guess Portland just isn’t considered a major city.

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