Out of my comfort zone!

 My first baby…who’s currently my 15 year old baby.

First off, happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there.

My angel decided to sleep very poorly over Mother’s Day weekend and was up at 4:20 yesterday, and 2 am today.  I got him back to sleep after the 2 am wake up until 5:00.  The good to come out of it was he fell asleep at 7:15 tonight.  Hence the blogging….

I had a heavenly 14 miler this morning minus the 96% humidity.  But that’s how Texas rolls in the summer.   I had some treadmill thrown into my week, and overall had a couple good speed runs.  I don’t want to push too early as I still want to call this downtime, but I also want to start some faster runs……because……

I am registered for  a 5K at then end of the month.  Gulp.  I think 5K is pretty much harder than 50K.  I always say I am a lazy runner and I’d rather run easy for 4 hours than hard for 40 minutes.  And I wonder why I got so slow.  I need to wake up the few little fast twitch muscles I have so they will be there for me later when I want to run my BQ.  So for the rest of the month, I’m throwing in some 5k workouts.  My blog friend Laura has some good ones here.  So yep, I’ll be doing them.  It’s actually a good little project in between marathon sessions.  It’s also a good little project for the treadmill, as I have treadmill about every other week for the next couple months.  I am in desperate need of some more good shows. Please send any recommendations my way!

Ok…best part of Mother’s Day about to start….Game of Thrones.


6 thoughts on “Out of my comfort zone!”

  1. Soooo…I survived my marathon! It was horrific. It down poured for the first 3 miles and got me very soggy. I still felt ok for the first 13.1 but then the rain kept coming on and off and my feet blistered the likes of which I don’t want to speak about. The last 6 was awful, but I finished!!!! I try to never say never but it will be a looooooong time before I attempt a full again. 🙂 thanks for being such an inspiration. Can’t wait to hear how your 5Ks go. I hate that distance but I still do quite a few.

    1. Sorry the first one was so tough…I’m not a fan of going really long in the rain, but you did it!!! Sit back and enjoy your accomplishment. One reason I love the marathon is it’s always a challenge but still doable. I’ve done several now and none of them have been easy….the last 6 miles are always hard. Enjoy a week or so of rest and then I promise you’ll start thinking about another one. Well done, lady!!!

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