Recipes for runners and biblical rains…


Sometimes you just need a treat.  Runners tend to overindulge, and I’ve been very conscious of that as I get older and have to watch what I eat.  My general rule is limit treats to very small things, but that life is too short to never enjoy a treat.   Cookies are good…if you can manage to eat just one it won’t blow a healthy diet.  They are also easy to pack up to share with people, as I often do if I bake something.  I don’t necessarily want a week and half’s worth of cookies laying around the house.   I wanted to make something different and fun but not hard with multiple steps.  These sprinkle cookies were perfect.  They are super soft sugar cookies and really good.  They’d be great for a kid’s party or a baby shower.  I’ve never outgrown loving sprinkles.  Here’s the recipe.  

It’s been raining for two weeks straight here.  If you complain about rain in a state who’s cattle industry was destroyed by drought, people don’t treat you too kindly as they shouldn’t.   But it makes for some challenges entertaining a 5 year old who plays outside a lot, but we are dealing.  I managed some decent runs in the little spurts of dryness.   Yesterday I got in 14 with a fast finish (these suck on long runs) and it stayed dry the whole way.   Today, not so lucky.   My alarm went off to biblical sounding rains, and I stated in bed trying to wait it out and finally resolved myself to the treadmill.  I just finished 7 painful speed work miles watching the even more painful season 3 of House of Cards. It’s awful, but I am so close to finishing it.    

Coming up this week…. Lots of treadmill 5k workouts (ahhhhh!!!!!!), sprinkle cookie eating, and counting down until a 3 day weekend!

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