The Lollipop Guild and speed work…


So maybe I’m a little late to the game, but I’ve been so into Pinterest lately.  I avoided it on purpose because I heard it was addictive and it is!  My fave have been pinning kids’ crafts with Jasp.  A computer activity  we both enjoy; how novel!   We’ve stretched it into a multi day good behavior reward.  First reward is picking a craft and getting the materials for it.  Phase two of the reward is time set aside to make the craft…..no easy feat on a weeknight.  This week we made lollipops and Frozen (Anna and Elsa) slime.   The lollipops turned out awesome!   I see some dental work in my future if I keep eating  them. 

I’ve been on the treadmill all week but did two good speed sessions.  The treadmill is actually better than outside for speed work.  You can’t cheat!  I did a really simple workout first:  warm up, 20 minutes at tempo pace ( I define that as faster than marathon pace but not death pace), and a cool down.  Simple, simple, and still felt like I was doing something.  Today was 800s. Those were harder, but felt so good to go to work knowing that a hard workout was done.  This 5K training stuff is kinda fun.  Once again I added mileage with a  warm up and cool down.  Since I’m solo, I add a little extra yoga in the evenings.   Today I can say I’m completely spent and readyfor my off day tomorrow.  That is the sign of a good training week!

It’s been a super busy this week too.   Two taekwondo classes and kindergarten orientation.   Jasp and I got to see his school and he got to spend time in a kinder classroom while I sat through parent orientation.   We are definitely excited to transition.  Fall should be a whole new ball game schedule wise, but bring it on!

Pancake also had a vet appointment.  The vet was very impressed she still runs at 15, but the stress of the appointment really took a lot out of her.  Nothing an extra spoonful of peanut butter couldn’t fix.  

Time for me to haul this tired butt to bed.  I’m looking forward to an outdoor run this weekend and hopefully some outdoor speed work next week!


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