Smiles for Sammy 5K report and a Recipe for Runners


My angel making slime is much better than a picture of me running…..trust me.

So today was my first 5K is probably something like 10 years.  I’ve had an occasional 5K that I’ve walked or tacked on to the end of a long run for a charity a friend was involved with or something, but I had not raced one in forever.  Here’s what I think are the commandments for a 5K:

1.  Thou shalt select a race close to home.  I picked this race based on location.   About a 10 minute drive.  Why drive half across town to run 3 miles?   Are most 5K courses pretty simple?   Sure…..but it goes so fast, who cares?

2.  Thou shalt warm up and cool down.  I maybe threw in a little more warm up than necessary but I ran a few miles at home and then a half mile out from the start with a fast half mile back right before the race started.   Then I jogged a bit after (admittedly should have done more), but totaled out a full day’s run.

3.   Thou shalt throw the charity a few extra dollars.  5Ks are generally inexpensive and mostly put on as fund raisers.  I say if some folks are good enough to provide a run give them a few bucks extra for their cause.  There are always people there who are not runners at all but are walking because the charity is close to their hearts.  This run was raising money for support systems for families who have children who are born with terminal conditions and typically don’t live past age one.

4.  Thou shalt remember it’s not a marathon and ignore the post race spread of piles of multiple types of Dunkin Donuts.  Apparently they were a sponsor but 3 miles doesn’t earn me multiple donuts.  Successfully avoided temptation….heck yes.

So there you have it.  23:55, first old lady.  But, I do believe I was the only only old lady.  Sigh.  Not where I was two years ago, but definite progress. Even splits and every mile started with a “7”.  I’m gonna try for one more of these this summer….it was fun.  And I hope leaving immediately didn’t mean I missed some super awesome ” you were the first old lady” prize.

And now a recipe.  I forgot to take a picture, but this was good.  Lighter sesame chicken.  Here’s the recipe.  It was delish.   Not exactly fast, but simple, very healthy, and would make a great pre-race meal.  Mike and I both inhaled it.  I would also think if you have kids that like fried chicken they would like this.  I think you could also use tofu to make it a veggie dish.  We will definitely repeat it.  God bless Pinterest!

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